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Hüsker Dü lyrics
Genre: Rock
Land Speed Record [live] (1981) 01. All Tensed Up [add]
02. Don't Try to Call [add]
03. I'm Not Interested [add]
04. Guns at My School [add]
05. Push the Button [add]
06. Gilligan's Island [add]
07. MTC [add]
08. Don't Have a Life [add]
09. Bricklayer [add]
10. Tired of Doing Things [add]
11. You're Naive [add]
12. Strange Week [add]
13. Do the Bee [add]
14. Big Sky [add]
15. Ultracore [add]
16. Let's Go Die [add]
17. Data Control [add]

Zen Arcade (1984) 01. Something I Learned Today [add]
02. Broken Home, Broken Heart [add]
03. Never Talking to You Again [add]
04. Chartered Trips [add]
05. Dreams Reoccurring [add]
06. Indecision Time [add]
07. Hare Krsna [add]
08. Beyond the Threshold [add]
09. Pride [add]
10. I'll Never Forget You [add]
11. The Biggest Lie [add]
12. What's Going On [add]
13. Masochism World [add]
14. Standing by the Sea [add]
15. Somewhere [add]
16. One Step at a Time [add]
17. Pink Turns to Blue [add]
18. Newest Industry [add]
19. Monday Will Never Be the Same [add]
20. Whatever [add]
21. The Tooth Fairy and the Princess [add]
22. Turn on the News [add]
23. Reoccurring Dreams [add]

Flip Your Wig (1985) 01. Flip Your Wig [add]
02. Every Everything [add]
03. Makes No Sense at All [add]
04. Hate Paper Doll [add]
05. Green Eyes [add]
06. Divide and Conquer [add]
07. Games [add]
08. Find Me [add]
09. The Baby Song [add]
10. Flexible Flyer [add]
11. Private Plane [add]
12. Keep Hanging On [add]
13. The Wit and the Wisdom [add]
14. Don't Know Yet [add]

New Day Rising (1985) 01. New Day Rising [add]
02. The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill [add]
03. I Apologize [add]
04. Folklore [add]
05. If I Told You [add]
06. Celebrated Summer [add]
07. Perfect Example [add]
08. Terms of Psychic Warfare [add]
09. 59 Times the Pain [add]
10. Powerline [add]
11. Books About UFOs [add]
12. I Don't Know What You're Talking About [add]
13. How to Skin a Cat [add]
14. Whatcha Drinkin' [add]
15. Plans I Make [add]

Candy Apple Grey (1986) 01. Crystal [add]
02. Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely [add]
03. I Don't Know for Sure [add]
04. Sorry Somehow [add]
05. Too Far Down [add]
06. Hardly Getting over It [add]
07. Dead Set on Destruction [add]
08. Eiffel Tower High [add]
09. No Promise Have I Made [add]
10. All This I've Done for You [add]

Warehouse: Songs and Stories (1987) 01. These Important Years [add]
02. Charity, Chastity, Prudence, and Hope [add]
03. Standing in the Rain [add]
04. Back From Somewhere [add]
05. Ice Cold Ice [add]
06. You're a Soldier [add]
07. Could You Be the One? [add]
08. Too Much Spice [add]
09. Friend, You've Got to Fall [add]
10. Visionary [add]
11. She Floated Away [add]
12. Bed of Nails [add]
13. Tell You Tomorrow [add]
14. It's Not Peculiar [add]
15. Actual Condition [add]
16. No Reservations [add]
17. Turn It Around [add]
18. She's a Woman (And Now He Is a Man) [add]
19. Up in the Air [add]
20. You Can Live at Home [add]

The Living End [live] (1994) 01. New Day Rising [add]
02. Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill [add]
03. Standing in the Rain [add]
04. Back from Somewhere [add]
05. Ice Cold Ice [add]
06. Everytime [add]
07. Friend, You've Got to Fall [add]
08. She Floated Away [add]
09. From the Gut [add]
10. Target [add]
11. It's Not Funny Anymore [add]
12. Hardly Getting over It [add]
13. Terms of Psychic Warfare [add]
14. Powerline [add]
15. Books About Ufo's [add]
16. Divide and Conquer [add]
17. Keep Hanging On [add]
18. Celebrated Summer [add]
19. Now That You Know Me lyrics
20. Ain't No Water in the Well [add]
21. What's Going On? [add]
22. Data Control [add]
23. In a Free Land [add]
24. Sheena Is a Punk Rocker [add]

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