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Hoosier Hot Shots lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Are You Havin' Any Fun (2003) 01. Like a Monkey Likes Cocoanuts [add]
02. From the Indies to the Andies in His Undies [add]
03. Look on the Bright Side [add]
04. Willie Willie Will Ya [add]
05. Are You Havin' Any Fun [add]
06. Put on Your Old Red Flannels [add]
07. Sam the College Leader Man [add]
08. The Pants My Pappy Gave to Me [add]
09. He'd Have to Get Under Get Out and Get Under [add]
10. In an Old Dutch Garden (By an Old Dutch Mill) [add]
11. Connie's Got Connections in Connecticut [add]
12. Shirley [add]
13. Big Noise from Kokomo [add]
14. Ma She's Making Eyes at Me [add]
15. Swanee [add]
16. Moving Day in Jungle Town [add]
17. It's a Lonely Trail [add]
18. Avalon [add]
19. Who's Sorry Now [add]
20. No No Nora [add]
21. O-Hi-O [add]
22. Diga Diga Doo [add]
23. The Kitten With the Big Green Eyes [add]
24. Everybody Loves My Baby [add]
25. The Guy Who Stole My Wife [add]

Hoosier Stomp (2003) 01. Hoosier Stomp [add]
02. Whistlin' Joe from Kokomo [add]
03. Farmer Gray [add]
04. Oakville Twister [add]
05. I'm Looking for a Girl [add]
06. Black Eyed Susan Brown [add]
07. Down in the Valley [add]
08. Ha-Cha-Na [add]
09. Meet Me by the Ice House Lizzie [add]
10. Back in Indiana [add]
11. San [add]
12. Everybody Stomp [add]
13. Bow-Wow Blues [add]
14. I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones [add]
15. Ida (Sweet as Apple Cider) [add]
16. They Go Simply Wild Over Me [add]
17. Wah-Hoo [add]
18. Darktown Strutters' Ball [add]
19. I Like Mountain Music [add]
20. You're Driving Me Crazy [add]
21. Hold 'Er Ebner [add]
22. Bye Bye Blues [add]
23. I'll Soon Be Rolling Home [add]
24. Take Me Out to the Ball Game [add]
25. Ain't She Sweet [add]

Hot Lips (2003) 01. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate [add]
02. It Ain't Nobody's Biz'ness What I Do [add]
03. Margie [add]
04. Hot Lips [add]
05. Shake Your Dogs [add]
06. Sweet Sue, Just You [add]
07. Toot Toot Tootsie [add]
08. Pick That Bass [add]
09. The Coat and the Pants Do All the Work [add]
10. I Want a Girl [add]
11. I've Got a Bimbo Down on the Bamboo Isle [add]
12. When You Wore a Tulip [add]
13. Farewell Blues [add]
14. Down Home Rag [add]
15. Meet Me in the Cow Shed [add]
16. Oh by Jingo [add]
17. You Said Something When You Said Dixie [add]
18. The Flat Foot Gloogie [add]
19. The Girl Friend of the Whirlin' Dervish [add]
20. Skeede-Waddle-Dee-Waddle-Do [add]
21. How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm [add]
22. Red Hot Fannie [add]
23. Swinging With Dora [add]
24. The Sheik of Araby [add]
25. Wabash Blues [add]

Way Down in Arkansas (2003) 01. Way Down in Arkansas [add]
02. That's Where I Meet My Girl [add]
03. I Just Wanna Play With You [add]
04. When There's a Tear in the Eyes of a Potato [add]
05. Beatrix Fairfax Tell Me What to Do [add]
06. St. Louis Blues [add]
07. Keep an Eye on Your Heart [add]
08. With a Twist of the Wrist [add]
09. Swing Little Indians Swing [add]
10. Dude Cowboy [add]
11. The Band Played On [add]
12. Since We Put the Radio in the Henhouse [add]
13. He's a Hillbilly Gaucho [add]
14. When Lightnin' Struck the Coon Creek Party Line [add]
15. She Broke My Heart in Three Places [add]
16. She Was a Washout in the Blackout [add]
17. The Musket Came Down From the Door [add]
18. Them Hill-Billies Are Mountain Williams Now [add]
19. Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia [add]
20. Is It True What They Say About Dixie [add]
21. Sioux City Sue [add]
22. When Johnny Brings Lelahani Home [add]
23. You Two Timed Me Once Too Often [add]
24. There's a Tear in My Beer Tonight [add]
25. Divorce Me C.O.D. [add]

Havin' Fun With the Hoosier Hotshots (2003) 01. No Romance in Your Soul [add]
02. My Blue Heaven [add]
03. Toot Toot Tootsie [add]
04. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
05. Someday [add]
06. Wabash Charleston [add]
07. Wah-Hoo [add]
08. Them Hillbillies Are Mountain Willies Now! [add]
09. I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones) [add]
10. Meet Me By the Ice House, Lizzie! [add]
11. What Can I Say Dear (After I Say I'm Sorry) [add]
12. Washboard Stomp [add]
13. Tiger Rag [add]

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