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Eddie & the Hot Rods lyrics
Genre: Rock
Teenage Depression (1976) 01. Get Across to You [add]
02. Why Can't It Be? [add]
03. Show Me [add]
04. All I Need Is Money [add]
05. Double Checkin' Woman [add]
06. The Kids Are Alright [add]
07. Teenage Depression [add]
08. Horseplay (Wearier of the Schmaltz) [add]
09. Been So Long [add]
10. Shake [add]
11. On the Run [add]

Life on the Line (1977) 01. Do Anything You Wanna Do [add]
02. Quit This Town [add]
03. Telephone Girl [add]
04. What's Really Going On [add]
05. Ignore Them (Still Life) [add]
06. Life on the Line [add]
07. (And) Don't Believe Your Eyes [add]
08. We Sing...The Cross [add]
09. Beginning of the End [add]
10. I Might Be Lying [*] [add]
11. Ignore Them (Always Crashing the Same Bar) [add]
12. Schoolgirl Love [*] [add]
13. Till the Night Is Gone (Let's Rock) [*] [add]
14. Flipside Rock [*] [add]
15. Do Anything You Wanna Do [live/*] [add]
16. What's Really Going On [live/*] [add]
17. Why Can't It Be? [live/*] [add]
18. Distortion May Be Expected [*] [add]

Thriller (1977) 01. Power and the Glory [add]
02. Echoes [add]
03. Media Messiahs [add]
04. Circles [add]
05. He Does It With Mirrors [add]
06. Strangers on the Pay Phone [add]
07. Out to Lunch [add]
08. Breathless [add]
09. Take It or Leave It [add]
10. Living Dangerously [add]

Fish & Chips (1980) 01. Fish 'N' Chips [add]
02. Wide Eyed Kids [add]
03. You Better Run [add]
04. Time Won't Let Me [add]
05. Unfinished Business [add]
06. Another Party [add]
07. This Is Today [add]
08. Farther on Down the Road [add]
09. Call It Quits [add]
10. We Want Mine [add]

Live & Rare (1993) 01. Teenage Depression [live] [add]
02. Quit This Town [live] [add]
03. Telephone Girl [live] [add]
04. Moon Tears [live] [add]
05. You Better Run [live] [add]
06. Do Anything You Wanna Do [live] [add]
07. Fought for You [add]
08. Hey Tonight [add]
09. All I Need Is Money [*] [add]
10. Been So Long [*] [add]
11. Do the Monkey Man [*] [add]

Ties That Bind (1994) 01. Get Across to You [add]
02. G.L.O.R.I.A. [add]
03. Wooly Bully [add]
04. Double Checkin' Woman [add]
05. Get out of Denver [add]
06. Ties That Bound [add]
07. Wide Eyed Kids [add]
08. Hit or Miss [add]
09. I Got Mine [add]
10. Red Light Blue Light [add]
11. At Night [add]
12. Hey Tonight [add]
13. Teenage Depression [add]
14. Quit This Town [add]
15. Do Anything You Wanna Do [add]

Gasoline Days (1996) 01. Human Touch [add]
02. Emergency [add]
03. Just Do It [add]
04. Love Runaway [add]
05. Love Lies Bleeding [add]
06. It's Killing Me [add]
07. (Oh No) What You Gonna Do [add]
08. Crazy [add]
09. Gasoline Days [add]
10. Love Love Love [add]
11. Alive [add]

Get Your Rocks Off [live] (2002) 01. The Kids Are Alright [add]
02. He Came Out of the Sky [add]
03. On the Run [add]
04. Cruisin' in the Lincoln [add]
05. Wooly Bully [add]
06. Writing on the Wall [add]
07. Horseplay [add]
08. Gloria [add]
09. Double Checkin Woman [add]
10. Get Out of Denver [add]
11. Moving On [add]
12. Bye Bye Johnny [add]
13. Satisfaction [add]

Doing Anything They Wanna Do (2003) 01. Get Out of Denver [add]
02. Horseplay [add]
03. All I Need Is Money [add]
04. Writing on the Wall [add]
05. Wooly Bully [add]
06. Been So Long [add]
07. Get Across to You [add]
08. Double Checkin' Woman [add]
09. G.L.O.R.I.A. [add]
10. At Night [add]
11. I Got Mine [add]
12. I See the Light [add]
13. Teenage Depression [live] [add]
14. Do Anything You Wanna Do [live] [add]
15. Quit This Town [live] [add]
16. Telephone Girl [live] [add]
17. Moon Tears [live] [add]
18. You Better Run [live] [add]

Better Late Than Never (2006) 01. Bad Time Again [add]
02. Need Your Touch [add]
03. Ain't No 9 to 5 [add]
04. Better Without You [add]
05. Deep Blue Interceptor [add]
06. I'm Gonna Be Your Man [add]
07. Sympathy [add]
08. Not Enough [add]
09. Bad Man [add]
10. Shut Up [add]
11. One Bitten, Twice Shy [add]
12. High Society [add]
13. Wooly Bully [*] [add]
14. Hard Driving Man [*] [add]

Been There Done That (2006) 01. Why Should I Care [add]
02. Go Drive It [add]
03. Gotta Give It Up [add]
04. Belgian Tom's Hat-Trick [add]
05. You Are My Drug [add]
06. Hole in the Head [add]
07. You Should Have Been There [add]
08. All I Want (Is All I See) [add]
09. All This Time [add]
10. Really Happy Now [add]
11. Yeah Yeah Yeah [add]
12. Look What She's Doing [add]
13. Stop [add]
14. Born to Be Wild [add]

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