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Rothko lyrics
Genre: Electronica
A Negative for Francis (1999) 01. Doo [add]
02. Roads Become Rivers [add]
03. Shadowless Self [add]
04. Window Doors and Other Openings [add]
05. Halftones and Metatones [add]
06. For Danny [add]
07. A Negative for Francis Shot Through Gauze [add]
08. Testcard [add]
09. Seventyseven a [add]
10. Not Growing Out Of, Growing Into [add]
11. Eighth Electric Eel [add]
12. System Post Suffix [add]
13. It Goes Outwards [add]
14. Vessel Heaven [add]
15. Newmelodics Other Openings [add]
16. Culzean [add]

Forty Years to Find a Voice (2000) 01. Open [add]
02. Breatharian [add]
03. Solder [add]
04. Sky Blue Glow [add]
05. Us to Become Sound [add]
06. Shock to Self [add]
07. Dream of Mountain Air [add]
08. Herbivore [add]
09. A Whole Life of Memory [add]
10. A Search for No Answer [add]
11. Pencil Sketch [add]
12. Flown [add]

In the Pulse of an Artery (2001) 01. Pulse of an Artery [add]
02. Moments Cracked Open [add]
03. Imprint of Leaves [add]
04. Metatonic [add]
05. Smudges and Smears [add]
06. Time Out [add]
07. Harold Budd [add]

Wish for a World Without Hurt (2003) 01. Wish for A World Without Hurt [add]
02. I Feel Lost Without You [add]
03. Declaration of Loss [add]
04. Dropped From the Clouds [add]
05. Dream for an End to Sorrow [add]
06. Like Nails in the Rain [add]
07. Treasure of Memories [add]
08. Lowering With Wolves [add]

A Place Between (2005) 01. Traces of Elements [add]
02. Divided Lines [add]
03. An Open Breath [add]
04. Light in a Dark Place [add]
05. The Only Way out Is Through [add]
06. Parts Per Million [add]
07. Bow [add]
08. An Open Vein [add]
09. Even the Blank Leaf [add]
10. The Northern Lights Are Out [add]
11. Elements of Traces [add]

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