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Laura Risk lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Journey Begun (1996) 01. Alligator Lake/Witch Hazel/Yellow Wrist/Witch Hazel [add]
02. New Year's Day at the Capitol/The New House [add]
03. Black Bread [add]
04. Kathy's First Trip to the Skye [add]
05. Notes to Myself [add]
06. Athena's #1/Castle Menzies [add]
07. The Ewie With the Crooked Horn/The Perrie Werrie/Linden Rise [add]
08. Pogonip Jig/Katy's Visit to San Francisco [add]
09. Mackintosh's Lament [add]
10. The Rooster/Pete in the Car/Los Cerritos [add]
11. Leo's Tune/Boglach Na Nog [add]
12. Sand Worms [add]
13. Old Time Wedding Reels 1 & 2 [add]

Celtic Dialogue (1999) 01. Up Tails A' [add]
02. My Nanny O [add]
03. A Wife of My Ain [add]
04. She's the Sweetest When She's Naked [add]
05. Dusty Miller [add]
06. Johnnie Faa [add]
07. The Collier's Daughter [add]
08. Rodaidh Dona G?rach [add]
09. The Highlander's Farewell [add]
10. Lady Jean Lindsay's Minuet [add]
11. Johnnie Cope [add]
12. Gowd on Your Gartens, Marion [add]
13. Minuet in A [With Variations] [add]
14. Welcome Home, My Dearie [add]
15. Miss Carmichael's Minuet [add]
16. Cumha Na Cloinne [add]
17. Old Sir Symon the King [add]
18. Through the Wood, Laddie [add]

The Merry Making (2000) 01. Galope de Jonquiere/Mrs. Mary MacDonald [add]
02. Lord Moira/The Merry Making [add]
03. The Sailor's Wife/Cullen House [add]
04. Marc's Waltz [add]
05. Ross's Reel #4/Sharp's Hornpipe/Marquis of Queensbury [add]
06. Clan Ranald [add]
07. Hiawatha/Gramin/Sailor's Hornpipe [add]
08. Northern March/The 8th Argll's Farewell [add]
09. John McAlpin [add]
10. Gorthleck's Highland Plaid/Mrs. McPherson of Cluny [add]
11. Walter Douglas M. B. E. /Reel du Verre-Bouteille [add]
12. December Reel [add]
13. Reel du Queteux Tremblay/The Farmer's Daughter [add]
14. Air Charles St. -Hilaire [add]
15. My Maryanne [add]
16. Sunday River [add]

2000 Miles (Deux Mille Milles) (2004) 01. North Highland Reel #18/North Highland Reel #21/The Nine Pint Coggie [add]
02. Fairly Shot of Her/The Lost Hat/Fairly Shot of Her/Snug in a Blanket [add]
03. 'Smairg a Chi?rradh Spiocaire (The Miser)/Miss Gordon of ... [add]
04. Mr. Abel Banks [add]
05. The Bonnie House of Airly [add]
06. Dubh an Tomaidh (The Dark Night of Tomie) [add]
07. Tha Buaidh Air an Uisge-Bheath (The Efficacy of Whisky) [add]
08. Master Francis Sitwell/Lady Ann Wharton Duff's Strathspey/The Big ... [add]
09. Skye Air/Another St. Kilda Song and Dance/Am Botal Dubh 's an ... [add]
10. Mo Chuachag Laghach (My Kindly Sweetheart)/The Glen Where the Deer Is [add]
11. Duncan Lamont [add]
12. Tha Tairm Ann Sa Ghleann (The Sound of War from the Glen) [add]
13. Mr. Martin's Compliments to Dr. Keith MacDonald/Mrs. Gordon of ... [add]
14. Tha M'Aigne Fo Ghruaim (This Gloom on My Soul) [add]

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