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Genre: Rock
Torment & Toreros (1983) 01. Intro [add]
02. Boss Cat lyrics
03. The Bulls lyrics
04. Catch a Fallen Star [add]
05. The Animal in You [add]
06. In My Room lyrics
07. First Time lyrics
08. (Your Love Is A ) Lesion [add]
09. My Former Self lyrics
10. Once Was lyrics
11. The Untouchable One [add]
12. Blood Wedding [add]
13. Black Heart lyrics
14. Medley: Narcissus/Gloomy Sunday/Vision [add]
15. Torment lyrics
16. A Million Manias [add]
17. My Little Book of Sorrows [add]
18. Beat out that Rhythm on a Drum [add]

Bite Black & Blues: Raoul and the Ruined Live (1984) 01. The Plague lyrics
02. Fun City lyrics
03. In My Room lyrics
04. Gloomy Sunday [add]
05. Switchblade Operator [add]
06. Muleskinner Blues [add]
07. Blue Prelude [add]
08. Sleaze lyrics
09. Black Heart lyrics
10. My Former Self lyrics
11. Love Amongst the Ruined [add]
12. Catch a Fallen Star [add]
13. Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out [add]

Vermin in Ermine (1984) 01. Shining Sinners [add]
02. Hell Was a City [add]
03. You Have lyrics
04. Crime Sublime lyrics
05. Gutter Hearts lyrics
06. Ugly Head lyrics
07. The Boy Who Came Back lyrics
08. Solo Adultos lyrics
09. Tenderness Is a Weakness [add]

Stories of Johnny (1985) 01. Traumas, Traumas, Traumas [add]
02. Stories of Johnny [add]
03. The House Is Haunted lyrics
04. Love Letter lyrics
05. The Flesh Is Willing lyrics
06. Always lyrics
07. Contempt lyrics
08. I Who Never lyrics
09. My Candle Burns lyrics
10. Love and Little White Lies [add]
11. Stories of Johnny [*] [add]
12. Love Letter [*] [add]

Mother Fist and Her Five Daughters (1987) 01. Mother Fist lyrics
02. There Is a Bed [add]
03. Saint Judy lyrics
04. The Room Below lyrics
05. Angel in Her Kiss [add]
06. The Hustler lyrics
07. Melancholy Rose lyrics
08. Mr. Sad [add]
09. The Sea Says lyrics
10. Champ lyrics
11. Ruby Red lyrics
12. The River lyrics

Stars We Are (1988) 01. The Stars We Are lyrics
02. These My Dreams Are Yours lyrics
03. Bitter Sweet lyrics
04. Only the Moment [add]
05. Your Kisses Burn lyrics
06. The Very Last Pearl lyrics
07. Tears Run Rings lyrics
08. Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart [add]
09. The Sensualist lyrics
10. She Took My Soul in Instanbul [add]
11. The Frost Comes Tomorrow lyrics
12. Kept Boy lyrics

Jacques (1989) 01. The Devil (Okay) [add]
02. If You Need lyrics
03. The Lockman lyrics
04. We Must Look lyrics
05. Alone lyrics
06. I'm Coming lyrics
07. Litany for a Return [add]
08. If You Go Away lyrics
09. The Town Fell Asleep lyrics
10. The Bulls lyrics
11. Never to Be Next [add]
12. My Death lyrics

Enchanted (1990) 01. Madame de la Luna [add]
02. Waifs and Strays [add]
03. Desperate Hours [add]
04. Toreador in the Rain [add]
05. Widow Weeds lyrics
06. A Lover Spurned lyrics
07. Deaths Diary lyrics
08. The Sea Still Sings lyrics
09. Carnival of Life [add]
10. Orpheus in Red Velvet [add]

Tenement Symphony (1991) 01. Meet Me in My Dream [add]
02. Beautiful Brutal Thing lyrics
03. Vaudeville and Burlesque [add]
04. I've Never Seen Your Face lyrics
05. Champagne lyrics
06. Tenement Symphony: 1. Prelude [add]
07. Tenement Symphony: 2. Jacky [add]
08. Tenement Symphony: 3. What Is Love? [add]
09. Tenement Symphony: 4. Trois Chansons de Bilitis [add]
10. Tenement Symphony: 5. The Days of Pearly Spencer [add]
11. Tenement Symphony: 6. My Hand Over My Heart [add]

Treasure Box (1995) 01. City of Nights [add]
02. Waifs and Strays [The Grid Mix] [add]
03. King of the Fools [add]
04. The Libertine's Dream [add]
05. Only the Moment [All the Time in the World Mix] [add]
06. The Gambler lyrics
07. Tears Run Rings [The La Magia Dance Mix] [add]
08. Everything I Wanted Love to Be [add]
09. Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart [add]
10. Bitter Sweet [The Big Beat Mix] [add]
11. The Frost Comes Tomorrow lyrics
12. She Took My Soul in Istanbul [The Blue Mosque Mix] [add]
13. The Stars We Are [Full Length Mix] [add]
14. A Lover Spurned [12 Version] [add]
15. Real Evil lyrics
16. Exotica Rose lyrics
17. The Desperate Hours [Extended Flamenco Mix] [add]
18. Old Jack's Charm [add]
19. These My Dreams Are Yours [Through the Night Mix] [add]
20. The Sea Still Sings [demo version] [add]
21. Madamo de la Luna [demo version] [add]
22. Death's Diary [demo version] [add]
23. Toreador in the Rain [demo version] [add]
24. Orpheus in Red Velvet [demo version] [add]
25. The Sensualist [Ultimate Ecstacy Mix] [add]

Fantastic Star (1996) 01. Caged lyrics
02. Out There lyrics
03. We Need Jealousy lyrics
04. The Idol (Parts 1 & 2 All Gods Fall) [add]
05. Baby Night Eyes lyrics
06. Adored and Explored lyrics
07. Child Star lyrics
08. Looking for Love (In All the Wrong Places) [add]
09. Addicted lyrics
10. The Edge of Heartbreak lyrics
11. Love to Die For lyrics
12. Betrayed lyrics
13. On the Prowl lyrics
14. Come in Sweet Assassin lyrics
15. Brilliant Creatures lyrics
16. Shining Brightly lyrics

Absinthe: The French Album (1996) 01. Undress Me [D?shabillez-Moi] [add]
02. Abel and Cain [Abel et Cain] [add]
03. Lost Paradise lyrics
04. Secret Child [L'Enfant Secret] [add]
05. Rue des Blancs-Manteaux [add]
06. The Slave [L'Esclave] [add]
07. Remourse of the Dead [Remords Posthume] [add]
08. Incestuous Love [Amours Incestueuses] [add]
09. A Man [Un Homme] [add]
10. My Little Lovers [Mes Petites Amoureuses] [add]
11. In Your Bed [Dans Ton Lit] [add]
12. Yesterday, When I Was Young [add]

Slut (1998) 01. Slut [add]
02. The Universal Cess Pool [add]
03. Bruise N Chain [add]
04. Love Amongst the Ruined [add]
05. Burning Bloats [add]
06. A Million Manias [add]
07. Beat out Dat Rhythm on a Drum [add]

Live in Concert (1998) 01. The Stars We Are lyrics
02. A Lover Spurned lyrics
03. Stories of Johnny [add]
04. I Want Love to Be [add]
05. The Champ [add]
06. The Sea Says lyrics
07. In Your Bed lyrics
08. The Devil (Okay) [add]
09. The Bulls lyrics
10. Never to Be Next [add]
11. If You Go Away lyrics
12. Tears Run Rings lyrics
13. Seriously Sensual [add]
14. The River lyrics
15. Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart [add]

Open All Night (1999) 01. Night and Dark lyrics
02. Bedroom Shrine lyrics
03. Tragedy (Take A Look And See) [add]
04. Black Kiss [Pmba Gira] [add]
05. Almost Diamonds lyrics
06. Scarlett Bedroom [add]
07. My Love lyrics
08. Heart in Velvet lyrics
09. Open All Night lyrics
10. Threat of Love [add]
11. Bad People Kiss lyrics
12. Sleepwalker lyrics
13. Midnight Soul lyrics
14. Satan's Child [*] [add]
15. Lonely Go Go Dancer [*] [add]
16. Beautiful Losers [*] [add]

Live at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 1992 (2000) 01. Fun City lyrics
02. Meet Me in My Dream [add]
03. Stories of Johnny [add]
04. When I Was a Young Man [add]
05. Where the Heart Is [add]
06. Waifs and Strays [add]
07. Amnesia Nights [add]
08. Champagne lyrics
09. Torch lyrics
10. Vision lyrics
11. In My Room lyrics
12. L' Esqualita [add]
13. Toreador in the Rain [add]
14. Mr. Sad [add]
15. Jacky lyrics
16. Orpheus in Red Velvet [add]

Stranger Things (2001) 01. Glorious lyrics
02. Born to Cry [add]
03. Come Out lyrics
04. Under Your Wing lyrics
05. Lights lyrics
06. Tantalise Me lyrics
07. Moonbathe Skin lyrics
08. Dancer lyrics
09. When It's Your Time lyrics
10. End in Tears [add]
11. Love in a Time of Science [add]
12. Glorious (Reprise) [add]

Live at the Union Chapel: December 12, 2000 (2001) 01. Under Your Wing lyrics
02. Heart in Velvet lyrics
03. Almost Diamonds lyrics
04. Moonbathe Skin lyrics
05. Betrayed lyrics
06. Caroline Says [add]
07. Our Love, My Love [add]
08. Amnesia Nights [add]
09. Vision lyrics
10. What Makes a Man [add]
11. Child Star lyrics
12. Tragedy lyrics
13. I Created Me [add]
14. Jacky lyrics
15. The Devil (Okay) [add]
16. Saint Judy lyrics

The Willing Sinner: Live in Berlin (2003) 01. Funcity [add]
02. Stories of Johnny [add]
03. Wherethe Heart Is/Waifs & Strays [add]
04. A Woman's Story lyrics
05. Torch lyrics
06. If You Go Away lyrics
07. Youth lyrics
08. Toreador in the Rain [add]
09. Mr. Sad [add]
10. In My Room lyrics
11. Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart [add]
12. Orpheus in Red Velvet [add]
13. Kept Boy lyrics
14. A Man lyrics
15. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye [add]

In Session: Vol. 1 (2003) 01. If You Go Away lyrics
02. Terrapin [add]
03. Empty Eyes [add]
04. Empty Eyes [add]
05. Untitled lyrics
06. The Bulls lyrics
07. Empty Eyes [add]
08. The Bulls lyrics
09. Once Was lyrics
10. Once Was lyrics
11. Your Aura lyrics
12. Ugly Head lyrics
13. Your Aura lyrics
14. Ugly Head lyrics
15. Joey Demento lyrics
16. Hell Was a City [add]
17. Joey Demento lyrics
18. Hell Was a City [add]
19. Black Mountain Blues lyrics
20. Black Mountain Blues lyrics

Heart on Snow (2003) 01. So Long the Path (So Wide the Field) [add]
02. Strange Feeling [add]
03. Gosudaryunia [add]
04. Always and Everywhere (I Will Follow You) [add]
05. Oh My Soul [add]
06. Two Guitars [add]
07. Heart on Snow lyrics
08. Nuit de Noel [add]
09. Romance [add]
10. The Storks [add]
11. Luna (The Moon) [add]
12. White Flowers of Acacia [add]
13. The Glance of Your Dark Eyes [add]
14. If Your Affectionate Smile Has Gone [add]
15. Sleeping Beauty [add]
16. Just One Chance [add]
17. Gone But Not Forgotten [add]
18. So Wide the Field (Reprise) [add]
19. The Glance of Your Dark Eyes [*] [add]

In Session, Vol. 2 (2003) 01. Always lyrics
02. Traumas Traumas Traumas [add]
03. Broken Hearted and Beautiful [add]
04. Love and Little White Lies [add]
05. I Who Never lyrics
06. My Candle Burns lyrics
07. Heart Medley: Unchain My Heart/Black Heart/Take My Heart [add]
08. Adored and Explored lyrics
09. Bedsitter lyrics
10. We Need Jealousy lyrics
11. Gutter Hearts lyrics
12. Tenderness Is a Weakness [add]
13. Hell Was a City [add]
14. Love for Sale lyrics
15. Pink Shack Blues lyrics

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