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The Rascals lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Young Rascals (1966) 01. Slow Down [add]
02. Baby Let's Wait [add]
03. Just a Little [add]
04. I Believe [add]
05. Do You Feel It [add]
06. Good Lovin' [add]
07. Like a Rolling Stone [add]
08. Mustang Sally lyrics
09. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore [add]
10. In the Midnight Hour [add]

Collections (1967) 01. What Is the Reason [add]
02. Since I Fell for You [add]
03. I've Been Lonely Too Long [add]
04. No Love to Give [add]
05. Mickey's Monkey/Love Lights [add]
06. Come on Up [add]
07. Too Many Fish in the Sea [add]
08. More [add]
09. Nineteen Fifty Six [add]
10. Love Is a Beautiful Thing [add]
11. Land of 1000 Dances [add]

Groovin' (1967) 01. A Girl Like You lyrics
02. Find Somebody [add]
03. I'm So Happy Now [add]
04. Sue?o [add]
05. How Can I Be Sure lyrics
06. Groovin' [add]
07. If You Knew [add]
08. I Don't Love You Anymore [add]
09. You Better Run lyrics
10. A Place in the Sun [add]
11. It's Love [add]

Once Upon a Dream (1968) 01. Intro/Easy Rollin' [add]
02. Rainy Day [add]
03. Please Love Me [add]
04. It's Wonderful [add]
05. I'm Gonna Love You [add]
06. My Hawaii [add]
07. My World [add]
08. Silly Girl [add]
09. Singin' the Blues Too Long [add]
10. Sattva [add]
11. Finale: Once upon a Dream [add]

Freedom Suite (1969) 01. America the Beautiful [add]
02. Me and My Friends [add]
03. Any Dance'll Do [add]
04. Look Around [add]
05. Ray of Hope [add]
06. Island of Love [add]
07. Of Course [add]
08. Love Was So Easy to Give [add]
09. People Got to Be Free [add]
10. Baby I'm Blue [add]
11. Heaven [add]
12. Adrian's Birthday [add]
13. Boom [add]
14. Cute [add]

See (1969) 01. See lyrics
02. I'd Like to Take You Home [add]
03. Remember Me [add]
04. I'm Blue [add]
05. Stop and Think [add]
06. Temptation's 'Bout to Get Me [add]
07. Nubia [add]
08. Carry Me Back lyrics
09. Away Away [add]
10. Real Thing [add]
11. Death's Reply [add]
12. Hold On [add]

Peaceful World (1971) 01. Sky Trane [add]
02. In and out of Love [add]
03. Bit of Heaven [add]
04. Love Me [add]
05. Mother Nature Land [add]
06. Icy Water [add]
07. Happy Song [add]
08. Love Letter [add]
09. Little Dove [add]
10. Visit to Mother Nature Land [add]
11. Getting Nearer [add]
12. Peaceful World [add]

Search and Nearness (1971) 01. Right On [add]
02. I Believe [add]
03. Thank You Baby [add]
04. You Don't Know [add]
05. Nama [add]
06. Almost Home [add]
07. Letter [add]
08. Ready for Love [add]
09. Fortunes [add]
10. Glory, Glory [add]

The Island of Real (1972) 01. Lucky Day [add]
02. Saga of New York [add]
03. Be on the Real Side [add]
04. Jungle Walk [add]
05. Brother Tree [add]
06. Island of Real [add]
07. Hummin' Song [add]
08. Echoes [add]
09. Buttercup [add]
10. Time Will Tell [add]
11. Lament [add]
12. Prove It [#] [add]
13. Love Is a Woman [#] [add]

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