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Tommy James lyrics
Genre: Rock
Tommy James [Roulette] (1970) 01. Ball and Chain lyrics
02. Meet the Comer [add]
03. Midnight Train [add]
04. Light of Day lyrics
05. Come to Me [add]
06. I Lost My Baby [add]
07. Lady Jane [add]
08. Quick Silver [add]

Christian of the World (1971) 01. Christian of the World [add]
02. Rings and Things [add]
03. I'm Comin' Home lyrics
04. Sing, Sing, Sing [add]
05. Draggin' the Line lyrics
06. Sail a Happy Ship [add]
07. Light of Day lyrics
08. Bits and Pieces [add]
09. I Believe in People [add]
10. Church Street Soul Revival [add]
11. Another Hill to Climb [add]
12. Adrienne [add]
13. Silk, Satin, Carriage Waiting [add]

3 Times in Love (1980) 01. You Got Me [add]
02. Long Way Down [add]
03. Three Times in Love lyrics
04. Lady in White [add]
05. Everything I Am [add]
06. It's Magic [add]
07. I Just Wanna Play the Music [add]
08. Let It Slide [add]
09. It's All Right for Now [add]

A Night in Big City: An Audio-Movie (1995) 01. Key to the City (Dialogue) [add]
02. Red Headed Woman (In a Black Limousine) [add]
03. The Bombay Club (Dialogue) [add]
04. Baby Tonight [add]
05. On Stage (Dialogue) [add]
06. Give It All [add]
07. I Think We're Alone Now [add]
08. Let's Talk (Dialogue) [add]
09. Who Do You Love [add]
10. Come With Us (Dialogue) [add]
11. Megamation Man [add]
12. Right Down the Alley (Dialogue) [add]
13. Madd Blue [add]
14. The Midnight Show (Dialogue) [add]
15. Bluebird [add]
16. They May Be Angels (Dialogue) [add]
17. Angels and Strangers [add]
18. I'll Walk You to the Door (Dialogue) [add]
19. Tighter, Tighter [add]
20. A Night to Remember (Dialogue) [add]
21. In Slow Emotion [add]

Hold the Fire (2006) 01. Isn't That the Guy [add]
02. Lupe and Joe [add]
03. Hold the Fire [add]
04. Love Words [add]
05. Megamation Man [add]
06. Sweet Cherry Wine [add]
07. It Keeps on Goin' [add]
08. Angels and Strangersgive It All [add]
09. Give It All [add]
10. Ordinary Girl [add]
11. Amy [add]
12. I Love Christmas [*] [add]

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