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Rick Shea lyrics
Genre: Country
The Buffalo Show (1995) 01. The Rattlesnake Daddy's Daughter [add]
02. If Leavin' Was a Fast Train [add]
03. Sycamore Grove [add]
04. One More Night [add]
05. When We Were in Love [add]
06. Por Que Te Vas? [add]
07. Georgia Pines [add]
08. Cradle Me [add]
09. A Matter of Time [add]
10. Que Mas Quieres [add]
11. Texas Lawyer [add]
12. Border Town Girl [add]
13. A Long Time Ago [add]
14. No Quiero Despertar [add]
15. Potter's Grave [add]
16. Picture Perfect World [add]
17. The Words of a Song [add]

Shaky Ground (2000) 01. Muddy Water [add]
02. All My Friends (Are Gonna Be Strangers) [add]
03. Black Dog [add]
04. Every Rose [add]
05. Outside of Nashville [add]
06. Shaky Ground [add]
07. Wanted Man [add]
08. A House Divided [add]
09. Touch My Hand [add]
10. Guns That Blaze Like Thunder [add]
11. Against My Better Judgement [add]
12. Cold Blue Flame [add]
13. Cold and Lonely Shadows [add]

Sawbones (2000) 01. Black-Eyed Girl [add]
02. Magdalena [add]
03. Lonesome Cannonball [add]
04. Deep Within the Well [add]
05. Walkin' to Jerusalem [add]
06. Still Water [add]
07. Saginaw Michigan [add]
08. Emperor of the North [add]
09. A Bend in the River [add]
10. Piedmont Ridge [add]
11. Sawbones [add]
12. Mesquite [add]
13. Camellia [add]

Trouble And Me (2003) 01. Carolina CA. [add]
02. Rachel [add]
03. Loafer's Glory [add]
04. San Bernardino Waltz [add]
05. Cane on the Brazos [add]
06. Parish Road [add]
07. Sail Away Ladies [add]
08. Trouble and Me [add]
09. Ain't It Almost Like the Old Times (Lovin' Like Yesterday) [add]
10. Black Snake Moan [add]
11. Let My Horses Run Free [add]
12. Byron's Iron/Baker's Acre [add]

Our Shangri-La (2003) 01. When Will I Ever Learn [add]
02. I'm No Good Without You [add]
03. Summer Wine [add]
04. Just a Matter of Time [add]
05. I Know What's Wrong (But I Just Can't Get It Right) [add]
06. Our Shangri-La [add]
07. Fewer Things All the Time [add]
08. You Take Me for Granted [add]
09. The Bull and the Beaver [add]
10. You [add]
11. Baby That Ain't True [add]
12. Fat Daddy [add]
13. The House That We Once Lived In [add]

Bound for Trouble (2005) 01. Black-Eyed Girl [add]
02. Magdalena [add]
03. Lonesome Cannonball [add]
04. A Bend in the River [add]
05. Emperor of the North [add]
06. Walkin' to Jerusalem [add]
07. Cammellia [add]
08. Still Water [add]
09. Saginaw Michigan [add]
10. Sawbones [add]
11. Mesquite [add]
12. Deep Within the Well [add]
13. Piedmont Ridge [add]
14. Texas Lawyer [add]
15. Never Been in Love [add]
16. Bound for Trouble [add]

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