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Dick Gregory lyrics
Genre: Comedy
In Living Black and White (1961) 01. Congo Daily Tribune [add]
02. Comedians of the '60s [add]
03. Commentary on Affairs Political [add]
04. Thoughts on Outer Space [add]
05. 100 Proof [add]
06. Middle East [add]
07. Not Poor -- Just Busted [add]
08. 50,000 Ft. -- And No Insurance [add]

Dick Gregory Talks Turkey (1962) 01. Talks Turkey, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Talks Turkey, Pt. 2 [add]

The Two Sides of Dick Gregory (1963) 01. Idaho [add]
02. California and Smokey the Bear [add]
03. Liston and Patterson [add]
04. Birth Control and Governor Barnett [add]
05. Cuba [add]
06. Income Tax [add]
07. A Better World [add]
08. Klu Klux Klan [add]
09. Mona Lisa and Prayer [add]
10. Chicago [add]
11. Denver [add]
12. Aid to Education [add]
13. Minnesota Politics [add]
14. Wisconsin and Football [add]
15. Buffalo and Canada [add]
16. Ohio Politics and Housing Bill [add]
17. Impressing White People [add]

Dick Gregory Running for President (1964) 01. Running for President, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Running for President, Pt. 2 [add]

Dick Gregory On: (1969) 01. Crime-Washington, D.C. [add]
02. Spiro Agnew [add]
03. Going Down With the Ship/Name, Rank and Serial Number/Vietnam, C.I.A. [add]
04. Martians [add]
05. President Greogry on Smoking, Rest Program [add]
06. Black President [add]
07. Big Shoot-Out [add]
08. New Year's Eve Bust [add]
09. White Christians [add]
10. I Believe [add]
11. Black Bigot [add]

The Light Side: The Dark Side (1969) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Black Progress [add]
03. Young Moral Dedication [add]
04. Moral Gap [add]
05. Assassinations [add]
06. Property Rights-Human Rights [add]
07. Draft Resisters [add]
08. Learning to Live [add]
09. White Racists Institutions [add]
10. Black Rioters [add]
11. American History [add]
12. Black Attitudes [add]
13. Black Progress [add]
14. The Concerned Honky Law [add]
15. Atmosphere of Trust [add]
16. Presidential Campaign [add]
17. White Brother [add]

Dick Gregory's Frankenstein (1970) 01. Checking Out Whites [add]
02. Riots [add]
03. Tricks [add]
04. Patriots [add]
05. David Eisenhower [add]
06. Massachusetts Law Being Passed [add]
07. Tricks [add]
08. Black Power [add]
09. Money [add]
10. Chicago Trial [add]
11. Panthers [add]
12. Bobby Seale [add]
13. The Real Criminals [add]
14. The Real Criminals [add]
15. Dope Pushers [add]
16. Conspiracy [add]
17. Feeding the Poor & Hungry [add]
18. Volunteer Army [add]
19. Moral Degeneracy [add]
20. Communist Threat? [add]
21. Capitalism [add]
22. Black Culture in the Ghettos [add]
23. Civil Rights Bill [add]

Live at the Village Gate (1970) 01. Jesus Black?/Home Town/Teamsters... [add]
02. Jimmy Hoffa/Real... [add]
03. Riots/Irish Riots [add]
04. Dashing Dan/Ji-Jacking/Greyhound [add]
05. N.Y. Times Reviews/Agnew [add]
06. Baby Boy/And Doctors... [add]

At Kent State (1971) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Arriving at Kent, Ohio [add]
03. Army Intelligence [add]
04. Phone Tapping [add]
05. Moral Force [add]
06. Money--Old Women [add]
07. Good Folks--Bad Folks [add]
08. Repression (Reacting to Fear) [add]
09. One Room Kitchenette [add]
10. Revolution--Evolution [add]
11. Human Rights--Property Rights [add]
12. Can't You Say One Nice Thing About America [add]
13. Frankenstein [add]
14. Good Features [add]
15. Cowboys and Indians [medley] [add]
16. Write the History of Kent State (The Shot Heart Around the World) [add]
17. Mama America [add]
18. Closing Remarks [add]

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