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The Dickies lyrics
Genre: Rock
Dawn of the Dickies (1979) 01. Where Did His Eye Go? [add]
02. Fan Mail [add]
03. Manny, Moe & Jack [add]
04. Infidel Zombie [add]
05. I'm a Chollo [add]
06. Nights in White Satin [add]
07. (I'm Stuck in a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota [add]
08. I've Got a Splitting Hedachi [add]
09. Attack of the Mole Men [add]
10. She Loves Me Not [add]
11. Gigantor [*] [add]
12. Bowling With Bedrock Barney [*] [add]

The Incredible Shrinking Dickies (1979) 01. Give It Back [add]
02. Poodle Party [add]
03. Paranoid [add]
04. She [add]
05. Shadow Man [add]
06. Mental Ward [add]
07. Eve of Destruction [add]
08. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) [add]
09. Waterslide [add]
10. Walk Like an Egg [add]
11. Curb Job [add]
12. Shake and Bake [add]
13. Rondo (The Midget's Revenge) [add]
14. I'm OK, You're OK [*] [add]
15. Silent Night [*] [add]
16. Sound of Silence [*] [add]
17. Banana Splits (The Tra La La Song) [add]
18. Hideous [*] [add]
19. Got It at the Store [*] [add]

Stukas over Disneyland (1983) 01. Rosemary [add]
02. She's a Hunchback [add]
03. Out of Sight, Out of Mind [add]
04. Communication Breakdown [add]
05. Pretty Please Me [add]
06. Wagon Train [add]
07. If Stuart Could Talk [add]
08. Stukas over Disneyland [add]

Second Coming (1989) 01. Hair [add]
02. Monster Island [add]
03. Town Without Pity [add]
04. Cross Eyed Tammy [add]
05. Going Homo [add]
06. Dummy Up [add]
07. Booby Trap [add]
08. Magoomba II [add]
09. Caligula [add]
10. I'm Stan [add]
11. Monkey See, Monkey Do [add]

Idjit Savant (1995) 01. Welcome to the Diamond Mine [add]
02. Golden Boys [add]
03. Toxic Avenger [add]
04. Zeppelina [add]
05. I'm Stuck in a Condo (With Marlon Brando) [add]
06. Just Say Yes [add]
07. Elevator (In the Brain Hotel) [add]
08. Pretty Ballerina [add]
09. Make It So [add]
10. I'm on Crack [add]
11. Oh Boy! [add]
12. Roadkill [add]
13. House of Raoul [add]
14. Song of the Dawn [add]

Still Got Live, Even If You Don't Want It (1999) 01. Hideous [add]
02. I'm OK, You're OK [add]
03. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) [add]
04. Walk Like an Egg [add]
05. Paranoid [add]
06. Give It Back [add]
07. The Sound of Silence [add]
08. Got It at the Store [add]
09. Eve of Destruction [add]
10. Rondo in a Major (Midget's Revenge) [add]
11. Infidel Zombie [add]
12. Curb Job [add]
13. Gigantor [add]
14. Nights in White Satin [add]
15. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) [Version 2] [add]
16. Pretty Please [add]
17. Poodle Party [add]
18. She's a Hunchback [add]
19. She [add]
20. (I'm Stuck in a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota [add]
21. Fan Mail [add]
22. Manny, Moe & Jack [add]
23. If Stewart Could Talk [add]
24. Bowling With Bedrock Barney [add]
25. Banana Splits [add]

All This and Puppet Stew (2001) 01. See My Way [add]
02. Keep Watchin' the Skies [add]
03. Free Willy [add]
04. Donut Man [add]
05. Howdy Doody in the Woodshed II [add]
06. Marry Me, Ann [add]
07. Sobriety [add]
08. I Did It [add]
09. Whack the Dalai Lama [add]
10. He's Courtin' Courtney [add]
11. Nobody But Me [add]
12. My Pop the Cop [add]
13. It's Huge [add]

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