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The Bonzo Dog Band lyrics
Genre: Rock
Gorilla (1967) 01. Cool Brittania [add]
02. The Equestrian Statue [add]
03. Jollity Farm [add]
04. I Left My Heart in San Francisco [add]
05. Look Out, There's a Monster Coming [add]
06. Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold [add]
07. Death Cab for Cutie [add]
08. Narcissus [add]
09. The Intro and the Outro [add]
10. Micket's Son and Daughter [add]
11. Big Shot [add]
12. Music for Head Ballet [add]
13. Piggy Bank Love [add]
14. I'm Bored [add]
15. The Sound of Music [add]

The Doughnuts in Granny's Greenhouse (1968) 01. We Are Normal [add]
02. Postcard [add]
03. Beautiful Zelda [add]
04. Can Blue Men Sing the Whites? [add]
05. Hello Mabel [add]
06. Kama Sutra [add]
07. Humanoid Boogie [add]
08. Trouser Press [add]
09. My Pink Half of the Drainpipe [add]
10. Rockaliser Baby [add]
11. Rhinocratic Oaths [add]
12. 11 Moustachioed Daughters [add]

Keynsham (1969) 01. You Done My Brain In [add]
02. Keynsham [add]
03. Quiet Talks & Summer Walks [add]
04. Tent [add]
05. We Were Wrong [add]
06. Joke Shop Man [add]
07. The Bride Stripped Bare by "Bachelors" [add]
08. Look at Me, I'm Wonderful [add]
09. What Do You Do? [add]
10. Mr. Slaters' Parrot [add]
11. Sport [add]
12. I Want to Be With You [add]
13. Noises for the Leg [add]
14. Busted [add]

Urban Spaceman (1969) 01. I'm the Urban Spaceman [add]
02. We Are Normal [add]
03. Postcard [add]
04. Beautiful Zelda [add]
05. Can Blue Men Sing the Whites? [add]
06. Hello Mabel [add]
07. Kama Sutra [add]
08. Humanoid Boogie [add]
09. Trouser Press [add]
10. My Pink Half of the Drainpipe [add]
11. Rockaliser Baby [add]
12. Rhinocratic Oaths [add]
13. 11 Moustachioed Daughters [add]

Tadpoles (1969) 01. Hunting Tigers Out in "Indiah" [add]
02. Shirt [add]
03. Tubas in the Moonlight [add]
04. Doctor Jazz [add]
05. Monster Mash [add]
06. Ready-Mades [add]
07. Ali-Baba's Camel [add]
08. Laughing Blues [add]
09. By a Waterfall [add]
10. Mr. Apollo [add]
11. Canyons of Your Mind [add]

Let's Make Up and Be Friendly (1972) 01. The Strain [add]
02. Turkeys [add]
03. King of Scurf [add]
04. Waiting for the Wardrobe [add]
05. Straight from My Heart [add]
06. Rusty (Champion Thrust) [add]
07. Rawlinson End [add]
08. Don't Get Me Wrong [add]
09. Fresh Wound [add]
10. Bad Blood [add]
11. Slush [add]
12. Suspicion [*] [add]
13. Trouser Freak [*] [add]

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