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Barron Knights lyrics
Genre: Rock
Barron Knights [1973] (1973) 01. I'm Stone in Love with You [add]
02. You Make Me Feel Brand New [add]
03. Streets of London [add]
04. My Eyes Adored You [add]
05. Don't Let It Die [add]
06. Lovin' You [add]
07. Before You Leave [add]
08. Peaceful Live [add]
09. Canadian Sunset [add]

Live in Trouble (1977) 01. Live in Trouble [add]
02. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing [add]
03. Angelo [add]
04. Divorce [add]
05. Lucille [add]
06. Float On [add]
07. Telephone Man [add]
08. Ernie [add]
09. Clair [add]
10. Amazing Grace [add]
11. 1358 Number Song [add]
12. Linking - Incidental Music [add]
13. Space Oddity [add]
14. Autograph Hunter [add]
15. Loving You [add]
16. What Is a Pop Star? [add]
17. Three Finger Picker [add]
18. Any Old Iron [add]

Night Gallery (1978) 01. Get Down, Shep [add]
02. Air on a G String [add]
03. Boozy Nights [add]
04. Little White Bum [add]
05. Lazy Fitter [add]
06. The Big V-Asectomy [add]
07. The Chapel Lead Is Missing [add]
08. A Taste of Aggro [add]
09. Rivers of Babylon [add]
10. The Smurfs Song [add]
11. Matchstick Men [add]
12. The Hand on the Ear Folk Song [add]
13. Remember - Decimilization [add]
14. Awful Seance [add]
15. Boy Scouts Out Camping [add]
16. My Will [add]

Knights of Laughter (1979) 01. Ballad of Frank Spencer [add]
02. You Know What [add]
03. Cold in My Nose [add]
04. Couldn't Spell [add]
05. Popumentry '71 [add]
06. 1358 into Beetroot Song [add]
07. Green Knickers [add]
08. I'm a Nut lyrics
09. Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm [add]

Teach the World to Laugh (1979) 01. Food for Thought [add]
02. Lucky Number [add]
03. Pop Musik [add]
04. If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me) [add]
05. Evolution [add]
06. Telephone Line [add]
07. Herbie the Head [add]
08. The Fleetwood Bus [add]
09. Mr. Tambourine Man [add]
10. The Topical Song [add]
11. Nanu Nanu [add]
12. Arthur Clark [add]
13. Preservation [add]
14. Farewell to Punk [add]
15. The Busker [add]
16. Heaving on a Jet Plane [add]
17. Here Here [add]

Jesta Giggle (1980) 01. Never Mind the Presents [add]
02. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 [add]
03. Day Trip to Bangor [add]
04. The Sparrow [add]
05. Oh Miami [add]
06. Masochistic and Sadistic [add]
07. Space Invaders [add]
08. Mind de Doors [add]
09. African Humoresue [add]
10. The Sit Song [add]
11. We Know Who Done It [add]
12. The Swindon Cowboy [add]
13. Hello Mother, Hello Father [add]
14. Fads and Crazes [add]
15. Barron's Fun 40 [add]
16. It's Hard to Be Humble [add]

Twisting the Night Away (1981) 01. Blackboard Jumble [add]
02. Prince Charming [add]
03. Wired for Sound [add]
04. This Ole House [add]
05. Mademoiselle from Armentieres [add]
06. MT Rubik [add]
07. Spaghetti Betty [add]
08. San Andreas Fault [add]
09. Rise [add]
10. Gobbledegook [add]
11. Centrefold [add]
12. A Taste of Aggro [add]
13. Little White Bum [add]
14. The Chapel Lead Is Missing [add]
15. Sit Song [add]
16. Heaving on a Jet Plane [add]
17. Live in Trouble [add]
18. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing [add]
19. Angelo [add]
20. Float On [add]

Funny in the Head (1984) 01. Buffalo Bill's Last Scratch [add]
02. Funny in the Head [add]
03. Keep Fat [add]
04. He's Everywhere [add]
05. I Was 'Itler's 'Orse [add]
06. Du' Wot? [add]
07. Full Circle [add]
08. Grandfather's Clock [add]
09. Eye of the Hurricane [add]
10. Waste of Time [add]
11. Micky Burt [add]
12. Prawns in the Game [add]

Songs for Traffic Jams (2002) 01. The Golden Oldie Old Folks Home [add]
02. Don't Let the Germans Nick Your Sunbeds [add]
03. The Ballad of Jarvis & Michael [add]
04. Three Little Maids [add]
05. Po-Faces [add]
06. Village Life [add]
07. Hand on the Ear Folk Song [add]
08. Hall of the Curry King [add]
09. Corporate Functions [add]
10. All Shook Up [add]
11. Jumping off the Train [add]
12. It's Cheap [add]
13. Green Knickers [add]
14. Ozone Friendly [add]
15. Oh! Jerry Springer [add]
16. That's to Love You More [add]

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