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Genre: Rock
Mayday (1997) 01. Guilty lyrics
02. Watch Your Step lyrics
03. Irrelevant lyrics
04. The Dead Girl lyrics
05. Chrome lyrics
06. Lights of the Commodore Barry [add]
07. Disappointed lyrics
08. Beautiful Fool lyrics
09. Railroaded lyrics
10. Dam lyrics
11. Comfort lyrics
12. Certainly Never lyrics

East Autumn Grin (2000) 01. 3rd of Ocotber [add]
02. Heartache Weather [add]
03. I Hear a Symphony [add]
04. Me and My Lover [add]
05. Sunk [add]
06. Sadlylove [add]
07. I Must Love Leaving [add]
08. Ballad of a Limping Man [add]
09. Time and Time Only [add]
10. The World Is on Fire [add]
11. Still, Pt. 2 [add]
12. Worry [add]

Concussion (2001) 01. Drift [add]
02. Rabbit [add]
03. Happy Hour [add]
04. Too Soon to Tell [add]
05. Devastation [add]
06. Autopilot [add]
07. Chickering Angel [add]
08. Night Watchmen [add]
09. Somebody Got Murdered [add]
10. Shake the Tree [add]

Regret Over the Wires (2003) 01. Return to Me [add]
02. The Little Things [add]
03. Trouble Doll lyrics
04. Long Blvd. [add]
05. I Can't Steal You [add]
06. Caged Bird [add]
07. Come Home [add]
08. I Hope Your God Has Mercy on Mine [add]
09. Nails [add]
10. Sweetie [add]
11. Every Good Thing [add]
12. Skylight [add]

Happiness (2003) 01. Rain Rain Rain [add]
02. Veterans Day [add]
03. Something in the Night [add]
04. Fd29yrblues [add]
05. Cut Through [add]
06. The Ballad of So and So [add]
07. I'm an American [add]
08. I Can't Steal You [add]
09. After the Last Day of a Heatwave [add]
10. Emergency Room Machines Say Breathe [add]
11. Song for Sons [add]
12. Such a Sad Satellite [add]

From a Late Night High Rise (2007) 01. Follow the Leader [add]
02. And Never Look Back [add]
03. Babybird [add]
04. Gone for Good [add]
05. Providence [add]
06. Misundercould [add]
07. Everybody Always Leaves [add]
08. All Lit Up [add]
09. Love Is the Silencer [add]
10. Victory Waltz [add]
11. June Returns for July [add]
12. The Complete Family [add]

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