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Chrome Daddies lyrics
Genre: Rock
Chrome Daddies (2002) 01. 8 Ball [add]
02. Red Light, Blue Heart [add]
03. Catty Town [add]
04. I Flipped My Lid [add]
05. Dearest Darling [add]
06. You Aint Half the Woman (Half the Time) [add]
07. 32 [add]
08. Strip Poker [add]
09. The Mess You've Got Me In [add]
10. Smilin in My Sleep [add]
11. Rock Bottom [add]
12. Down, Down, Down [add]
13. Let's Walk [add]
14. Boogie for Square Dancers [add]
15. Deep in the Heart of Anywhere [add]
16. Stuarts Boogie [add]

Who's Your Daddies (2003) 01. I'd Like to Get to Know Your Name [add]
02. Just the Same [add]
03. Virginia Belle [add]
04. Drinkin' My Heart in Two [add]
05. Spin My Wheels [add]
06. I'm Not Happy [add]
07. No News Is Good News [add]
08. Drive for a Livin' [add]
09. Little Joe from Chicago [add]
10. The XXXX Song [add]
11. Honky Tonk Night Time Man [add]
12. No Mercy for Swine [add]
13. Race Is On [add]
14. T for Texas [add]
15. Dearest Darlin' [add]

Cow Skull (2004) 01. Cowgirl Mama [add]
02. Hear My Plea [add]
03. Lonesome Train [add]
04. Gonna Hurt You [add]
05. Gympie on My Mind [add]
06. Raise Your Glass [add]
07. Window Up Above [add]
08. Train Kept a Rollin [add]
09. Carny Folk [add]
10. 4 Broken Hearts [add]
11. Married Man [add]
12. Warm Beer [add]
13. Hate Male [add]
14. Brand New Cadillac [add]

Gear Up Daddy (2005) 01. Gear Up Daddy [add]
02. Hear My Plea [add]
03. Ramblin On [add]
04. Cattin Around [add]
05. Saturday Night [add]
06. I Only Cheated on Her (Once or Twice) [add]
07. It Must Be Something [add]
08. The Beer Tastes Better (And the Girls Are Pretty) [add]
09. My Sweet Love Ain't Around [add]
10. Girl So Far Away [add]
11. Kid Cadillac [add]
12. Long Gone Daddy [add]
13. I Hung It Up [add]
14. Cruise Inn Boogie [add]
15. Four Broken Hearts [add]
16. Blackberry Boogie [add]

Drunk and Mis-Behavin' (2005) 01. Brand New Caddilac [add]
02. Catty Town [add]
03. Cherokee Boogie [add]
04. Warm Beer [add]
05. Cowgirl Mama [add]
06. Crazy Blues [add]
07. Dearest Darling [add]
08. Gear Up Daddy [add]
09. Hot Rod Man [add]
10. I Hung It Up [add]
11. Married Man [add]
12. No Mercy [add]
13. Please Please Baby [add]
14. Saturday Night [add]
15. That's Alright Mama [add]
16. Train Kept a Rollin [add]
17. Virginia Belle [add]
18. Waitin for the Axe to Fall [add]
19. Tell Me Mama [add]

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