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The Singing Kettle lyrics
Genre: Children's
Singalong Songs from Scotland (2003) 01. Three Craws [add]
02. Aiken Drum [add]
03. Picnic Treat [add]
04. Ten in the Bed lyrics
05. No Pyjamas On [add]
06. Buy Me a Banana [add]
07. Down on the Funny Farm [add]
08. Bunny Fou Fou lyrics
09. The Green Grass Grew All Around [add]
10. Air Guitar [add]
11. Opposites [add]
12. Apples and Bananas [add]
13. Five Wee Monkeys [add]
14. The Ants Went Marching [add]
15. My Boy's a Cowboy [add]
16. Boa Constrictor [add]
17. Friends Like You [add]

Santa's Big Surprise (2004) 01. Tomorrow Is Christmas Day [add]
02. No Pyjamas On [add]
03. John Brown's Baby [add]
04. Bonzo [add]
05. Good King Wenceslas [add]
06. Perfect Christmas Day [add]
07. Ten in the Bed lyrics
08. What's Inside the Singing Kettle [add]
09. The Nonsense Song [add]
10. The Wheels on the Bus [add]
11. Birthday Wishes [add]
12. One Finger, One Thumb [add]
13. Ten Little Penguins [add]
14. Jingle Bells/We Wish You a Merry Christmas [add]
15. Christmas Medley: Toys, Toys, Toys/Santa's Reindeer/Animal Carols/ [add]

Blast Off (2005) 01. Singing Kettle Theme [add]
02. Blast Off [add]
03. Aiken Drum [add]
04. Bear Came Over the Mountain lyrics
05. Get Up and Go [add]
06. Space Race [add]
07. Play Electric Guitar [add]
08. Twinkle, Twinkle Animals [add]
09. Birthday Wishes [add]
10. The Strangest Little Creatures [add]
11. Bonzo [add]
12. Bobby Bingo [add]
13. Favourite Colours [add]
14. What's Inside the Singing Kettle [add]

Winter Wonderland (2006) 01. Singing Kettle Theme [add]
02. Snowy Wonderland [add]
03. Polly Wolly Doodle [add]
04. Jelly Belly [add]
05. Who Lives in the House That Jack Built? [add]
06. Guy Slippy [add]
07. We Never Can Agree [add]
08. One Finger, One Thumb [add]
09. Cat and Mouse [add]
10. Bear in the Woods [add]
11. Birthday Wishes [add]
12. Penguins on Parade [add]
13. Bonzo [add]
14. Holiday with Bonzo [add]
15. Mulberry Bush [add]
16. Christmas Medley [add]
17. What's Inside the Singing Kettle [add]

Wild West Show (2007) 01. Singing Kettle Theme [add]
02. West Is Best [add]
03. My Boy's a Cowboy [add]
04. John Brown's Baby [add]
05. Wild Man from Kettle O [add]
06. Michael Finnegan [add]
07. Bear Hunt [add]
08. Swallowed by a Snake [add]
09. Birthday Wishes [add]
10. Here Come the Cavalry [add]
11. Bonzo [add]
12. Hole in the Bucket [add]
13. Skip to My Lou [add]
14. Wild West Theme [add]
15. What's Inside the Singing Kettle [add]

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