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Sheena Easton lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sheena Easton (1981) 01. Morning Train (Nine to Five) [add]
02. Don't Send Flowers lyrics
03. Cry lyrics
04. Take My Time lyrics
05. Prisoner lyrics
06. Modern Girl lyrics
07. So Much in Love [add]
08. Voice on the Radio [add]
09. One Man Woman lyrics
10. Calm Before the Storm [add]
11. Family of One [*] [add]
12. Please Don't Sympathise [*] [add]
13. Right or Wrong [*] [add]
14. Paradox [add]
15. Summer's Over [*] [add]

Take My Time (1981) 01. Don't Send Flowers lyrics
02. Cry lyrics
03. Take My Time lyrics
04. When He Shines lyrics
05. One Man Woman lyrics
06. The Prisoner [add]
07. Morning Train (Nine to Five) [add]
08. So Much in Love [add]
09. Voice on the Radio [add]
10. Calm Before the Storm [add]
11. Modern Girl lyrics
12. No One Ever Knows lyrics

Madness, Money & Music (1982) 01. Machinery lyrics
02. Weekend in Paris [add]
03. I Wouldn't Beg for Water [add]
04. Are You Man Enough lyrics
05. Ice Out in the Rain [add]
06. Madness, Money and Music [add]
07. The Wind Beneath My Wings [add]
08. There When I Needed You lyrics
09. In the Winter [add]
10. You Do It lyrics
11. Some of Us Will [*] [add]
12. Loner [*] [add]
13. So We Say Goodbye [*] [add]

You Could Have Been with Me (1982) 01. A Little Tenderness lyrics
02. You Could Have Been With Me lyrics
03. Just Another Broken Heart lyrics
04. I'm Not Worth the Hurt [add]
05. Savoir Faire [add]
06. A Letter from Joey [add]
07. Telephone Lines lyrics
08. Johnny lyrics
09. Trouble in the Shadows [add]
10. When He Shines lyrics
11. Isn't It So [*] [add]
12. For Your Eyes Only [*] [add]
13. No One Ever Knows [*] [add]

Best Kept Secret (1983) 01. Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) lyrics
02. I Like the Fright [add]
03. Almost over You [add]
04. Devil in a Fast Car [add]
05. Don't Leave Me This Way lyrics
06. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie lyrics
07. (She's in Love) With Her Radio [add]
08. Just One Smile lyrics
09. Sweet Talk lyrics
10. Best Kept Man lyrics
11. Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) [*] [add]
12. Wish You Were Here Tonight [*] [add]
13. I Don't Need Your Word [*] [add]
14. We've Got Tonight [*] [add]
15. Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) [*] [add]

A Private Heaven (1984) 01. Strut lyrics
02. Sugar Walls lyrics
03. Hungry Eyes lyrics
04. It's Hard to Say It's Over [add]
05. Swear lyrics
06. Love and Affection [add]
07. Back in the City [add]
08. You Make Me Nervous lyrics
09. All by Myself [add]
10. Double Standard lyrics
11. Sugar Walls [*] [add]
12. Letters from the Road [*] [add]
13. Straight Talking [*] [add]
14. Fallen Angels [add]
15. Strut [*] [add]
16. Swear [*] [add]
17. Sugar Walls [*] [add]

Do You (1985) 01. Do It for Love [add]
02. Don't Break My Heart lyrics
03. Magic of Love [add]
04. Don't Turn Your Back lyrics
05. Jimmy Mack lyrics
06. Can't Wait Till Tomorrow lyrics
07. Young Lions lyrics
08. Kisses lyrics
09. Money Back Guarantee lyrics
10. When Lightning Strikes Again [add]
11. Do It for Love [*] [add]
12. Can't Wait Till Tomorrow [*] [add]
13. Money Back Guarantee [*] [add]
14. Do It for Love [*/instrumental] [add]

No Sound But a Heart (1987) 01. Eternity lyrics
02. Still Willing to Try [add]
03. Still in Love [add]
04. Wanna Give My Love lyrics
05. The Last to Know [add]
06. No Sound But a Heart [add]
07. What If We Fall in Love [add]
08. No Ordinary Love lyrics
09. Floating Hearts lyrics
10. Schockwave* [*] [add]
11. So Far So Good* [*] [add]
12. Natural Love [*] [add]
13. It's Christmas All over Again [add]

The Lover in Me (1989) 01. No Deposit, No Return [add]
02. The Lover in Me [add]
03. Follow My Rainbow [add]
04. Without You [add]
05. If It's Meant to Last [add]
06. Days Like This [add]
07. One Love [add]
08. 101 [add]
09. Cool Love [add]
10. Fire and Rain [add]

What Comes Naturally (1991) 01. What Comes Naturally [add]
02. If You Wanna Keep Me [add]
03. You Can Swing It [add]
04. The First Touch of Love [add]
05. Forever Friends [add]
06. The Next Time [add]
07. Manic Panic [add]
08. Somebody [add]
09. Time Bomb [add]
10. Half a Heart [add]
11. To Anyone [add]

No Strings (1993) 01. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
02. I'm in the Mood for Love/Moody's Mood for Love [add]
03. The Nearness of You [add]
04. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]
05. If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas) [add]
06. Body and Soul [add]
07. Little Girl Blue/When Sunny Gets Blue [add]
08. The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else) [add]
09. The Man That Got Away [add]
10. I Will Say Goodbye [add]
11. Never Will I Marry [add]

My Cherie (1995) 01. My Cherie [add]
02. Til Death Do Us Part [add]
03. All I Ask of You [add]
04. Flower in the Rain [add]
05. You've Learned to Live Without Me [add]
06. Too Much in Love [add]
07. Please Don't Be Scared [add]
08. Next to You [add]
09. Dance Away the Blues [add]
10. Crazy Love [add]

Body and Soul (1997) 01. Body and Soul [add]
02. Cool Love [add]
03. Half a Heart [add]
04. Without You [add]
05. The First Touch of Love [add]
06. Forever Friends [add]
07. No Deposit, No Return [add]
08. 101 [add]
09. What Comes Naturally [add]
10. To Anyone [add]
11. If You Wanna Keep Me [add]
12. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
13. One Love [add]
14. Medley [add]

Freedom (2000) 01. When You Speak My Name [add]
02. Love Me with Freedom [add]
03. Now That My Baby's Gone [add]
04. One Man [add]
05. Misty Blue [add]
06. One More Reason [add]
07. Let Me Go Through This Alone [add]
08. Love Will Make You Wise [add]
09. Foolish Heart [add]
10. Modern Girl '97 [add]

Can't Take My Eyes off You (2002) 01. Al Perrin at the End of the Month [add]
02. Home [add]
03. World Is a Music Band [add]
04. Possible Dream Song [add]
05. Dust off the Moon [add]
06. Ride Ride Ride [add]
07. Your Own Song (The Did Dit Dit Song) [add]
08. You Are Like a Morning [add]
09. It Doesn't Matter at All If It Rains on Me [add]
10. About You [add]

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