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The 5th Dimension lyrics
Genre: Rock
Up, Up and Away [Buddha] (1967) 01. Up, Up and Away [add]
02. Another Day, Another Heartache [add]
03. Which Way to Nowhere [add]
04. California My Way [add]
05. Misty Roses [add]
06. Go Where You Wanna Go [add]
07. Never Gonna Be the Same [add]
08. Pattern People [add]
09. Rosecrans Blvd. [add]
10. Learn How to Fly [add]
11. Poor Side of Town [add]
12. I'll Be Loving You Forever [add]
13. Train Keep on Movin' [add]
14. Too Poor to Die [add]

The Magic Garden (1967) 01. Prologue [add]
02. The Magic Garden [add]
03. Summer's Daughter [add]
04. Dreams/Pax/Nepenthe [add]
05. Carpet Man [add]
06. Ticket to Ride [add]
07. Requiem: 820 Latham [add]
08. The Girl's Song [add]
09. The Worst That Could Happen [add]
10. Orange Air [add]
11. Paper Cup [add]
12. Epilogue [add]

Stoned Soul Picnic (1968) 01. Sweet Blindness [add]
02. It'll Never Be the Same Again [add]
03. The Sailboat Song [add]
04. It's a Great Life [add]
05. Stoned Soul Picnic [add]
06. California Soul [add]
07. Lovin' Stew [add]
08. Broken Wing Bird [add]
09. Good News [add]
10. Bobbie's Blues (Who Do You Think of?) [add]
11. The Eleventh Song (What a Groovy Day!) [add]
12. East of Java [#] [add]

The Age of Aquarius (1969) 01. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In [The Flesh Failures] [add]
02. Blowing Away [add]
03. Skinny Man [add]
04. Wedding Bell Blues [add]
05. Don'tcha Hear Me Callin' to Ya [add]
06. The Hideaway [add]
07. Workin' on a Groovy Thing [add]
08. Let It Be Me [add]
09. Sunshine of Your Love [add]
10. The Winds of Heaven [add]
11. Those Were the Days [add]
12. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In [add]
13. Chissa Se Tornera Who Knows If He Will Return [add]

Portrait (1970) 01. Puppet Man [add]
02. One Less Bell to Answer [add]
03. Feelin' Alright [add]
04. This Is Your Life [add]
05. A Love Like Ours [add]
06. Save the Country [add]
07. Medley: The Declaration/A Change Is Gonna Come/People Gotta Be Free [add]
08. Dimension Five [add]
09. On the Beach (In the Summertime) [*] [add]

Love's Lines, Angles and Rhymes (1971) 01. Time and Love [add]
02. Love's Lines, Angles, and Rhymes [add]
03. What Does It Take [add]
04. Guess Who? [add]
05. Viva Tirado [add]
06. Light Sings [add]
07. The Rainmaker [add]
08. He's a Runner [add]
09. The Singer [add]
10. Every Night [add]

The 5th Dimension/Live! (1971) 01. What the World Needs Now Is Love [add]
02. All You Need Is Love [add]
03. Have You Tried Love [add]
04. I Just Wanta Be Your Friend [add]
05. Stoney End [add]
06. Stoned Soul Picnic [add]
07. Sweet Blindness [add]
08. Wedding Bell Blues [add]
09. Save the Country [add]
10. Never My Love [add]
11. Eli's Coming [add]
12. Together Let's Find Love [add]
13. Shake Your Tambourine [add]
14. Up, Up and Away [add]
15. Paper Cup [add]
16. This Is Your Life [add]
17. The Girl's Song [add]
18. The Worst That Could Happen [add]
19. MacArthur Park [add]
20. Ode to Billie Joe [add]
21. I Want to Take You Higher [add]
22. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In [add]

Individually & Collectively (1972) 01. Leave a Little Room [add]
02. (Last Night) I Didn't Get to Sleep at All [add]
03. All Kinds of People [add]
04. Sky & Sea [add]
05. Tomorrow Belongs to the Children [add]
06. Turn Around to Me [add]
07. If I Could Reach You [add]
08. Half Moon [add]
09. Band of Gold [add]
10. Border Song [add]
11. Black Patch [add]

Living Together, Growing Together (1973) 01. Open Your Window [add]
02. Ashes to Ashes [add]
03. Changed [add]
04. The Riverwitch [add]
05. Living Together, Growing Together [add]
06. Day by Day [add]
07. There's Nothin' Like Music [add]
08. What Do I Need to Be Me [add]
09. There Never Was a Day [add]
10. Let Me Be Lonely [add]
11. Woyaya [add]

High on Sunshine (1978) 01. High on Sunshine [add]
02. Turn My Love Away [add]
03. Everybody's Got to Give It Up [add]
04. Magic Man [add]
05. Children of Tomorrow [add]
06. Sway [add]
07. Skyway [add]
08. Can't Get You Out of My Mind [add]
09. You're My Star [add]

In the House (1995) 01. Puppet Man [add]
02. You Make Me Feel Brand New [add]
03. How Deep Is Your Love [add]
04. Respect Yourself [add]
05. Say (U Love Me) [add]
06. Stoned Soul Picnic [add]
07. All You Do Is Dial [add]
08. All in Love Is Fair [add]
09. Get Ready [add]
10. Shining Star [add]

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