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The Beau Brummels lyrics
Genre: Rock
Introducing the Beau Brummels (1965) 01. Laugh, Laugh [add]
02. Still in Love With You Baby [add]
03. Just a Little [add]
04. Just Wait and See [add]
05. Oh, Lonesome Me [add]
06. Ain't That Loving You [add]
07. Stick Like Glue [add]
08. They'll Make You Cry [add]
09. That's If You Want Me To [add]
10. I Want More Loving [add]
11. I Would Be Happy [add]
12. Not Too Long Ago [add]
13. Just a Little [*] [add]
14. Good Time Music [*] [add]

The Beau Brummels, Vol. 2 (1965) 01. You Tell Me Why lyrics
02. I Want You [add]
03. Doesn't Matter [add]
04. That's Alright [add]
05. Sometime at Night [add]
06. Can It Be [add]
07. Sad Little Girl [add]
08. Woman [add]
09. Don't Talk to Strangers [add]
10. I've Never Known [add]
11. When It Comes to Your Love [add]
12. In Good Time [add]
13. Woman [Vocal Version] [add]
14. When It Comes to Your Love [Unissued Instrumental Version] [add]

Beau Brummels '66 (1966) 01. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away [add]
02. Mr. Tambourine Man [add]
03. Louie, Louie [add]
04. Homeward Bound [add]
05. These Boots Are Made for Walking [add]
06. Yesterday [add]
07. Bang Bang [add]
08. Hang on Sloopy [add]
09. Play with Fire [add]
10. Woman [Vocal Version] [add]
11. Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter [add]
12. Monday, Monday [add]

Triangle (1967) 01. Are You Happy? [add]
02. Only Dreaming Now [add]
03. Painter of Women [add]
04. The Keeper of Time [add]
05. It Won't Get Better [add]
06. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
07. Magic Hollow [add]
08. And I've Seen Her [add]
09. Triangle [add]
10. The Wolf of Velvet Fortune lyrics
11. Old Kentucky Home lyrics

Bradley's Barn (1968) 01. Turn Around [add]
02. An Added Attraction (Come and See Me) [add]
03. Deep Water [add]
04. Long Walking Down to Misery [add]
05. Little Bird [add]
06. Cherokee Girl [add]
07. I'm a Sleeper [add]
08. Loneliest Man in Town [add]
09. Love Can Fall a Long Way Down [add]
10. Jessica [add]
11. Bless You California [add]

Live! (2000) 01. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
02. You Tell Me Why lyrics
03. Turn Around/Singing Cowboy [add]
04. Gate of Hearts [add]
05. Lonely People [add]
06. Music Speaks Louder [add]
07. Lisa [add]
08. Tennessee Walker [add]
09. Don't Talk to Strangers [add]
10. Laugh, Laugh [add]
11. Lonesome Town [add]
12. Free [add]
13. Man and Woman Kind [add]
14. Restless Soul [add]
15. Her Dream Alley [add]
16. City Girl [add]
17. Paper Plane [add]
18. Just a Little [add]
19. Love Can Fall [add]

Magic Hollow (2005) 01. People Are Cruel [add]
02. Still in Love with You Baby [add]
03. Stick Like Glue [add]
04. Laugh, Laugh [add]
05. Just a Little [add]
06. They'll Make You Cry [add]
07. Ain't That Loving You Baby [add]
08. That's If You Want Me To [add]
09. Laugh, Laugh [add]
10. Still in Love with You Baby [add]
11. Just a Little [add]
12. I Want More Loving [add]
13. Just Wait and See [add]
14. Stick Like Glue [add]
15. Just a Little [add]
16. Here I Am in Love Again [add]
17. I Will Go [add]
18. That's Alright [add]
19. No Lonelier Man [add]
20. She's My Girl [add]
21. Love Is Just a Game [add]
22. She Loves Me [add]
23. Can't Be So [add]
24. I'm Alone Again [add]
25. Tomorrow Is Another Day lyrics
26. Woman [add]
27. When It Comes to Your Love [add]
28. She Loves Me [add]
29. You Tell Me Why lyrics
30. I Want You [add]
31. Dream On [add]
32. Can It Be [add]
33. I'll Tell You [add]
34. Doesn't Matter [add]
35. Gentle Wandering Ways [add]
36. In Good Time [add]
37. That's Alright [add]
38. I Grow Old lyrics
39. Sometime at Night [add]
40. Fine with Me [add]
41. Don't Talk to Strangers [add]
42. I've Never Known [add]
43. When It Comes to Your Love [add]
44. Sad Little Girl [add]
45. Before Darkness Ends [add]
46. Till the Day [add]
47. Friend of Mine [add]
48. Darkness [add]
49. Good Time Music [add]
50. She Sends Me [add]

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