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Nocturnal Rites lyrics
Genre: Rock
Grand Illusion (0000) 01. Fools Never Die [add]
02. Never Trust [add]
03. Still Alive [add]
04. Something Undefined [add]
05. Our Wasted Days [add]
06. Cuts Like a Knife [add]
07. End of Our Rope [add]
08. Never Ending lyrics
09. One by One [add]
10. Deliverance [add]

Tales of Mystery and Imagination (1998) 01. Ring of Steel [add]
02. Dark Secret [add]
03. Test of Time [add]
04. Lost in Time [add]
05. The Vision lyrics
06. Warrior's Return [add]
07. Change the World [add]
08. Pentagram lyrics
09. Eye of the Demon [add]
10. End of the World [add]
11. The Curse [add]
12. Burn in Hell [add]

The Sacred Talisman (1999) 01. Destiny Calls lyrics
02. The Iron Force lyrics
03. Ride On lyrics
04. Free at Last [add]
05. Hold on to the Flame [add]
06. Eternity Holds lyrics
07. When Fire Comes to Ice [add]
08. The Legend Lives On lyrics
09. The Ring's Command [add]
10. Unholy Powers (Night of the Witch) [add]
11. Glorious [add]

Afterlife (2000) 01. Afterlife lyrics
02. Wake up Dead [add]
03. The Sinners Cross lyrics
04. Hell and Back [add]
05. The Sign lyrics
06. The Devil's Child [add]
07. Genetic Distortion Sequence [add]
08. Sacrifice lyrics
09. Temple of the Dead [add]
10. Hellenium lyrics

Shadowland (2002) 01. Eyes of the Dead [add]
02. Shadowland lyrics
03. Invincible lyrics
04. Revelation lyrics
05. Never Die lyrics
06. Underworld lyrics
07. Vengeance lyrics
08. Faceless God lyrics
09. Birth of Chaos [add]
10. The Watcher lyrics

New World Messiah (2004) 01. New World Messiah lyrics
02. Against the World [add]
03. Avalon lyrics
04. Awakening lyrics
05. Egyptica [add]
06. Break Away lyrics
07. End of Days [add]
08. The Flame Will Never Die lyrics
09. One Nation [add]
10. Nightmare [add]

Lost in Time: The Early Years of Nocturnal Rites (2005) 01. Sword of Steel [add]
02. Skyline Flame lyrics
03. Black Death lyrics
04. In a Time of Blood and Fire [add]
05. Dawnspell lyrics
06. Lay of Ennui [add]
07. Winds of Death [add]
08. Rest in Peace [add]
09. Dragonisle lyrics
10. Lay of Ennui [add]
11. In a Time of Blood and Fire [2004 Version] [add]
12. Winds of Death [2004 Version] [add]
13. Ring of Steel [add]
14. Dark Secret [add]
15. Test of Time [add]
16. Lost in Time [add]
17. The Vision lyrics
18. Warrior's Return [add]
19. Change the World [add]
20. Pentagram lyrics
21. Eye of the Demon [add]
22. End of the World [add]
23. The Curse [add]
24. Burn in Hell [add]
25. Living for Today [add]
26. 10th Anniversary Video Enhancement [add]

The 8th Sin (2007) 01. Call out to the World [add]
02. Never Again [add]
03. Not the Only [add]
04. Tell Me [add]
05. Not Like You [add]
06. Leave Me Alone [add]
07. Till I Come Alive [add]
08. Strong Enough [add]
09. Me [add]
10. Pain & Pleasure [add]
11. Fools Parade [add]

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