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Paul Krassner lyrics
Genre: Comedy
We Have Ways of Making You Laugh (1996) 01. Religion and Sex [add]
02. Laughter Itself [add]
03. Clinton and Gore [add]
04. Republican Candidates [add]
05. Lies [add]
06. Dreaming the News [add]
07. The Unabomber [add]
08. Liddy Meets Leary [add]
09. Deaths and Memorials [add]
10. Porn Again [add]
11. Political Incorrectness [add]
12. Three Generations [add]
13. Oklahoma and O.J. [add]
14. A Sense of Optimism [add]

Brain Damage Control (1997) 01. Ebonics Lesson [add]
02. Spin Doctors [add]
03. The Yippies [add]
04. Conspiracy Trial [add]
05. New Age [add]
06. Teenage Daughter [add]
07. Condom Blues [add]
08. Mushroom Bust [add]
09. Larry Flynt [add]
10. The Pacer [add]

Sex, Drugs & The Antichrist: At MIT [live] (1999) 01. Ginsberg and Leary [add]
02. Viagra [add]
03. Paula Jones [add]
04. Monica Lewinsky [add]
05. Blow Job Betty [add]
06. The Starr Report [add]
07. The Yippies [add]
08. Kosovo [add]
09. Medical Marijuana [add]
10. The Antichrist [add]
11. Cannabis Cup [add]
12. 600-Year Orgasm [add]
13. India Has the Bomb [add]
14. Fuck Sunscreen [add]

Campaign in the Ass (2000) 01. Lenny Bruce [add]
02. Mad Magazine [add]
03. Unfuck You [add]
04. Elian Gonzales [add]
05. Jerry Garcia [add]
06. Gore and Bradley [add]
07. Saint Abortionist [add]
08. George W. Bush [add]
09. Arianna and Kesey [add]
10. McCain, Bauer and Keyes [add]
11. Woody Allen [add]
12. Orrin Hatch [add]
13. Norman Mailer [add]
14. Buchanan and Nader [add]
15. Terry Southern [add]
16. Technology [add]

Irony Lives (2002) 01. Terrorist Attacks [add]
02. Rebirth of Irony [add]
03. Concepts of God [add]
04. In the Guise of Security [add]
05. Enron Blues [add]
06. New Normality [add]
07. The Conspiracy Convention [add]
08. The Devil in Me [add]
09. Kesey's Last Prank [add]
10. My Cannabis Runneth Over [add]

The Zen Bastard Rides Again (2004) 01. Tripping on the Tonight Show [add]
02. Homer Simpson, Toad Slime & The Iraq Prison Scandal [add]
03. Candy-Bar Candidates [add]
04. Candy-Ass President [add]
05. Disorganized Religion [add]
06. Saddam and Osama [add]
07. Invading Iraq [add]
08. Marriage on the Rocks [add]
09. Crackdown on Indecency [add]
10. Drug Wars [add]
11. Erectile Dysfunction [add]
12. The Geezerstock Festival [add]

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