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Tad Morose lyrics
Genre: Rock
Leaving the Past Behind (1993) 01. Eternal Lies lyrics
02. Miracle lyrics
03. Voices Are Calling [add]
04. Reach for the Sky [add]
05. Eyes of a Stranger [add]
06. Save Me lyrics
07. 1388 [add]
08. Leaving the Past Behind [add]
09. Reflections lyrics
10. Ways of History [add]

Sender of Thoughts (1995) 01. Fading Pictures lyrics
02. Sender of Thoughts [add]
03. Morning Sun lyrics
04. Lost in Time [add]
05. Different Eyes [add]
06. Time of Silence [add]
07. Forever Gone lyrics
08. Circle of Souls [add]
09. Here After lyrics
10. Gates of Babylon [add]
11. Netherworld [add]

A Mended Rhyme (1997) 01. Circuit Vision lyrics
02. But Angels Shine lyrics
03. A Mended Rhyme lyrics
04. The Trader of Souls [add]
05. Time of No Sun [add]
06. The Dragon Tide lyrics
07. Goddess of Chaos [add]
08. The Vacant Lot lyrics
09. Guest of Inquisition [add]

Reflections (2000) 01. Eternal Lies lyrics
02. Eyes of a Stranger [add]
03. Voices Are Calling [add]
04. Fading Pictures lyrics
05. Morning Sun lyrics
06. Narrow Minded [add]
07. Stories Around a Tale [add]
08. Where Dreams Collide lyrics
09. A Mended Rhyme lyrics
10. But Angels Shine lyrics
11. Trader of Souls [add]
12. Power of the Night [add]

Undead (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Servant of the Bones [add]
03. Another Time Around lyrics
04. Where the Sun Never Shines [add]
05. Order of the Seven Poles [add]
06. Undead lyrics
07. No Tears in the Rain [add]
08. Intro/Lord on High [add]
09. Corporate Masters lyrics
10. No Wings to Burn [add]
11. The Dead and His Son [add]

Matters of the Dark (2002) 01. Sword of Retribution [add]
02. Matters of the Dark [add]
03. Ethereal Soul [add]
04. I Know Your Name [add]
05. In the Shadows [add]
06. Another Way [add]
07. New Clear Skies [add]
08. Riding the Beast [add]
09. Reason of the Ghost [add]
10. The Devil's Finger [add]
11. Don't Pray for Me [add]
12. Jack [add]
13. Take to the Sky [add]
14. The Human Bondage [add]
15. Eye of the Nightmare [add]
16. Nuclear Skies [add]
17. The Mission [add]
18. Wolf and Raven [add]
19. The River Dragon Has Come [add]
20. Trip to... [add]
21. The Prophecy [add]
22. Wake Up Dead [add]
23. The Words Unspoken [add]
24. Mirror, Mirror [add]

Modus Vivendi (2004) 01. Anubis lyrics
02. No Mercy lyrics
03. Afraid to Die [add]
04. Clearly Insane lyrics
05. Cyberdome lyrics
06. Take on the World [add]
07. Mother Shipton's Words lyrics
08. Unwelcome Guest lyrics
09. Life in a Lonely Grave [add]
10. When the Spirit Rules the World [add]
11. Rainbow Demon [*] [add]
12. Knowing Me, Knowing You [*] [add]
13. Losing More Than You Ever Had [*] [add]

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