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Old Man's Child lyrics
Genre: Rock
Born of the Flickering (1996) 01. Demons of the Thorncastle [add]
02. Swallowed by a Buried One [add]
03. Born of the Flickering [add]
04. King of the Dark Ages [add]
05. Wounds from the Night of Magic [instrumental] [add]
06. On Through the Desert Storm [add]
07. Christian Death [add]
08. Funeral, Swords and Souls [add]
09. The Last Chapter [add]
10. The ...Leads to Utopia/Old Man's Dream [add]

The Pagan Prosperity (1997) 01. The Millennium King [add]
02. Behind the Mask [add]
03. Soul Possessed [add]
04. My Demonic Figures [add]
05. Doommaker [add]
06. My Kingdom Will Come [add]
07. Return of the Night Creatures [add]
08. What Malice Embrace [add]

Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion (1998) 01. Towards Eternity [add]
02. The Dream Ghost [add]
03. Demoniacal Possession [add]
04. Fall of Man [add]
05. Capitves of Humanity [add]
06. God of Impiety [add]
07. My Evil Revelations [add]
08. Thy Servant [add]

Revelation 666: Curse of Damnation (2000) 01. Phantoms of Mortem Tales [add]
02. Hominis Nocturna [add]
03. In Black Endless Void [add]
04. Unholy Vivid Innocence [add]
05. Passage to Pandemonium [add]
06. Obscure Divine Manifestation [add]
07. World Expitation [add]
08. Into Silence Embrace [add]

In Defiance of Existence (2003) 01. Felonies of the Christian Art [add]
02. Agony of Fallen Grace [add]
03. Black Seeds on Virgin Soil [add]
04. In Defiance of Existence [add]
05. Sacrifice of Vengeance [add]
06. The Soul Receiver [add]
07. In Quest of Enigmatic Dreams [instrumental] [add]
08. The Underworld Domains [add]
09. Life Deprived [add]

Vermin (2005) 01. Enslaved and Condemned [add]
02. The Plague of Sorrow [add]
03. War of Fidelity [add]
04. In Torment's Orbit [add]
05. Lord of Command (Bringer of Hate) [add]
06. The Flames of Deceit [add]
07. Black Marvels of Death [add]
08. Twilight Damnation [add]
09. ...As Evil Descends [add]

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