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Memento Mori lyrics
Genre: Rock
Rhymes of Lunacy (1993) 01. The Rhyme [add]
02. The Seeds of Hatred [add]
03. Morbid Fear lyrics
04. The Caravan of Souls [add]
05. Lost Horizons lyrics
06. When Nothing Remain lyrics
07. Forbidden Dreams [add]
08. Little Anne's Not an Angel [add]
09. Fear of God [add]
10. The Riddle [add]
11. The Monolith lyrics

Life, Death & Other Morbid Tales (1994) 01. To Travel Within lyrics
02. The Passage [add]
03. A Passenger on Psycho's Path [add]
04. I Am lyrics
05. Misery Song lyrics
06. Lust Another Morbid Tune [add]
07. My Secret Garden lyrics
08. Heathendom lyrics
09. Crown of Thorns [add]

La Danse Macabre (1996) 01. Endlessly lyrics
02. Lost Words lyrics
03. Crown of Thorns, Pts. 2, 3, & 4 [add]
04. La Danse Macabre [add]
05. Morpheous (My Deadly Friend) [add]
06. The Loser's Trial [add]
07. Prelude [add]
08. The Beggar's Wife [add]

Songs for the Apocalypse, Vol. 4 (1998) 01. The Things You See (And the Things You Don't) [add]
02. Under My Blackened Sky lyrics
03. One Sign Too Many lyrics
04. Burned by Light [add]
05. Memento Mori lyrics
06. I Prayed lyrics
07. Animal Magnetism lyrics
08. Out of Darkness [add]

Is One Worth the Other? (2004) 01. ...and on and On [add]
02. The Texas Furlong [add]
03. Dawn [add]
04. Drifters [add]
05. Words from a Friend [add]
06. Eleven/Fifteen [add]
07. Petals Mark the Time [add]
08. Ballad of Luke Hadley [add]
09. On and On [add]

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