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Genre: Comedy
My Daddy Was a Pistol & I'm a Son of a Gun (1986) 01. Patriot Games [add]
02. Red Storm Rising [add]
03. Fast & Easy French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish [add]
04. A Season Inside [add]
05. All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten [add]
06. Word Power [add]
07. How to Start a Conversation [add]
08. Don't Bend over in the Garden, Granny, You Know Them 'Taters Got Eyes [add]
09. Dianetics [add]
10. One Minute for Myself [add]
11. The One Minute Manager [add]
12. The One Minute Salesperson [add]
13. Stories from Nightshift [add]
14. How to Improve Your Memory [add]
15. Swim With the Sharks [add]
16. What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School [add]
17. Money Magazine's Guide to Personal Finance [add]
18. Man of the House [add]
19. Not That You Asked [add]
20. Superlearning [add]
21. The True Joy of Positive Living [add]
22. The Be-Happy Attitudes [add]
23. Trump: The Art of the Deal [add]
24. All You Can Do Is All You Can Do [add]
25. Winters' Tales [add]

Let's Have a Party (1988) 01. Golf Heaven [add]
02. The Barn Shot [add]
03. Scottish Mermaid [add]
04. Jim & Tammy [add]
05. What's a Millionaire? [add]
06. Falwell-Bakker [add]
07. Closet Lover [add]
08. Ronald Forgot [add]
09. Cow & The Drawbridge [add]
10. The Pharmacist [add]
11. The Traveling Couple [add]
12. The Twelve Year Old Boy [add]
13. It's a Boy [add]
14. Headache Remedy [add]
15. The Health Plan [add]
16. It's Bad Ugly [add]
17. Traveling Lady [add]
18. Dating Dilemma [add]

Live (1988) 01. There's Sand in Moamar's Underdrawers [add]
02. Decision at 30,000 Feet [add]
03. Hijacks & Holy Wars [add]
04. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It [add]
05. There Ain't No Toilet Paper in Russia [add]
06. Not During Football Season [add]
07. Glory, Glory to Ole' Georgia [add]
08. It's a Ho-Ax [add]
09. R.C. And a Moon Pie [add]
10. Women Do the Damndest Things [add]
11. I Love Dogs [add]
12. Mama Wanted Me to Be a Preacher [add]

On the Road with Lewis Grizzard (1988) 01. For My Little Brother Joey [add]
02. Elvis Is Dead and I Don't Feel So Good Myself [add]
03. They're Out of the Closet [add]
04. If Love Were Oil I'd Be About a Quart Low [add]
05. Kids Say the Darndest Things [add]
06. They Tore My Heart Out and Stomped That Sucker Flat [add]
07. A Pig Named Jake [add]
08. God Talks Like We Do [add]
09. The Last Confederate Soldier [add]
10. Lucky Joe's Reptile Farm [add]
11. Southern Football: A Way of Life [add]
12. Fourth & One for the Sugar Bowl [add]
13. How 'Bout Them Dogs [add]
14. Television: A Dark and Evil Thing [add]
15. Commercials Drive Me Crazy My Boyhood Friend & Idol, Weyman C. Wannam [add]

Addicted to Love [A Live Comedy Album] (1989) 01. Intro [add]
02. Double Bogie [add]
03. Definitions [add]
04. University of Alabama [add]
05. Frog Story [add]
06. Little Joey [add]
07. Football Tickets [add]
08. Sponsorships [add]
09. The Gall of Some Faculty [add]
10. Dog Story [add]
11. Adultery [add]
12. Male Rite of Passage [add]
13. Condoms [add]
14. Sexual Enemies - Bible [add]
15. Sexual Enemies - Cats [add]
16. Ending of 1st Half [add]
17. Return from Men's Room [add]
18. Black Lab Puppies [add]
19. Escape from the Mongolian Hold [add]
20. Gorilla in a Tree [add]
21. Sex Glossary [add]
22. Never Marry a Woman Who... [add]
23. Horse Racing [add]
24. Swaggart & Bakker [add]
25. Cure for AIDS [add]
26. Pizza & Pancake Diet [add]
27. Homosexuals [add]
28. Baptists & Methodists [add]
29. Conway Twitty [add]
30. Might Miss a Party [add]
31. ESP & PMS [add]
32. Antique Shopping [add]
33. Good Night [add]

Don't Believe I'da Told That [live] (1991) 01. Greetings from Atlanta [add]
02. Trains [add]
03. Southern Language [add]
04. College Rivals [add]
05. Family [add]
06. Grandma Willie's Yard [add]
07. Ministers [add]
08. Television [add]
09. Damn, Brother! [add]
10. Sex in Moreland, Georgia [add]
11. Mama's Old Brown Hymnal [add]

One Last Time (1994) 01. Man of Steel [add]
02. Lonely Superman [add]
03. Intro: Bill Anderson [add]
04. The Gay Lifestyle [add]
05. Gay Reproduction [add]
06. The Lone Ranger [add]
07. Clemson Addicts [add]
08. Pancakes and Pizza Diet [add]
09. Flying Fruits [add]
10. Too Healthy [add]
11. Guilty Looks [add]
12. Me and Will Rogers [add]
13. Governor Joe Frank [add]
14. My Name [add]
15. Seat Cushion [add]
16. Reverand Jim Baker [add]
17. Jim and Tammy Baker [add]
18. Deuteronomy [add]
19. Roy Dodd Henry [add]
20. Timmy's Commercial [add]
21. Richard Nixon [add]
22. Michael Jackson [add]
23. Excuses [add]
24. I Wasn't Planning to Spend That Much [add]
25. Alimony [add]
26. Gift for the Mailman [add]
27. Auburn [add]
28. Clemson [add]
29. Alabama [add]
30. Yankees [add]
31. Lewis Loved Georgia [add]
32. Pledge to Georgia [add]
33. The Dawg Story-Uga [add]
34. Life Is Like a Dogsled Team [add]
35. Intro to the Train Song [add]
36. City of New Orleans [add]

Alimony (1994) 01. Alimony [add]
02. Grandma Willie's Yard [add]
03. Daddy's Tennessee Waltz [add]
04. Damn, Brother! [add]
05. Mama's Old Brown Hymnal [add]
06. Absent Friends [add]
07. Black Cord Fever [add]
08. The Red, White & Bluz [add]
09. It's Always Midnight on My VCR [add]
10. Whatever Makes Your Grapefruit Squirt! [add]
11. I'm Gonna Cut a Big One [add]
12. A Bulldog's Prayer [add]

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