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Thanassis Moraitis lyrics
Genre: World
Interprets Unrecorded Popular Songs by Dimitris Atraidis (1995) 01. In Kessariani One Day [add]
02. Death Is But the Only Cure [add]
03. Fofo, Just Stop Being Shy [add]
04. I'll Go Ahead and Marry Her [add]
05. I Didn't Ask You Who You Are [add]
06. My Secret, Ardent Yearning [add]
07. Comb Your Hair [add]
08. That Good-For-Nothing Man of Yours [add]
09. Maritsa [add]
10. Like a Wounded Eagle [add]
11. People Thrive at Your Misfortunes [add]
12. All of Your Caresses [add]
13. This Little Pretty Dress of Yours [add]
14. Eleni [add]
15. You've Torn My Heart to Pieces [add]
16. You Always Sing the Same Old Tune [add]
17. The Three Brothers [add]
18. Your Kisses Will Never Be Enough [add]
19. Sorrows, Misfortunes and Torments [add]
20. An Orphan I Was Left, So Young [add]
21. The Widow [add]
22. Alexandria [add]
23. Three Pretty Lasses [add]
24. I'll Get Myself a Girlfriend [add]
25. You've Made a Mess Out of My Heart [add]
26. The Northern Wind Has Swept Away... [add]

Arvanitic Songs (1995) 01. I Am the Beautiful Shepherdess [add]
02. Litsa, My Little Litsa [add]
03. The Chimes of Our Lady of Ypapaudi [add]
04. A Lovely Lass [add]
05. I've Broken the Barrel [add]
06. I'm About to Cut off Your Braids [add]
07. Osman Taka's Dance [add]
08. Three Ships [add]
09. Tell Me Lass, Why You've Withered Away [add]
10. For the Bridegroom [add]
11. Who Told You My Dear Marigo? [add]
12. One Day I Passed by That Way [add]
13. Necklace [add]
14. Yorg Malliessi [add]
15. Beyond the Mountain [add]
16. I Have a Sore Spot [add]
17. Alongside a Hemlock Root [add]
18. Carnival Time [add]
19. Katerina's Loom [add]
20. I've Stitched You a Fustanella [add]
21. Oh, All-Embellished Morea [add]
22. I Have a Sore Spot [add]
23. Manoussakia [add]
24. Weep You Men [add]
25. Young Konstantine [add]
26. Oh, All-Embellished Morea [add]

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