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T.J. Tobias lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Toddler Grooves (2000) 01. Intro-Sphere: Introducing Sphereology [add]
02. Intro-Chestra: Lullaby for Alice (Portrait in Day-Minor) [add]
03. PS (Pnom Sen) [live] [add]
04. Feel Like Makin' Love [add]
05. Bootleg I [add]
06. Electric Counterpoint [add]
07. Moment's Notice [add]
08. Waheea! [add]
09. La Reina (The Queen) [add]
10. Bootleg II [add]
11. Urban Landscape [add]
12. Bootleg III: Phee Keaw [add]
13. Mother's Prayer [add]
14. Les Jeux Sont Faits [add]
15. Bootleg IV [add]
16. Flight of the Bumble Beat [add]
17. Geal's Power [add]
18. The Orphun [add]
19. Bootleg V [add]
20. Belief [add]
21. Everyday Christmas [X-Day Cut] [add]
22. Conversation in Outerspace [version] [add]
23. The Peak [Verify Error Mix] [add]
24. Outro-Duction Sphereology Collective [add]
25. New to My World [*] [add]
26. New to My World [*] [add]
27. New to My World [*] [add]

Jungle Child (2001) 01. Introduction: Some Ol' JC! [add]
02. Fresh Water [Original Vocal Version] [add]
03. Mowgli (Tribute to Jungle Book) [add]
04. Bootleg I: Radio-Japan [add]
05. Dharma Dawn [5 AM Cut] [add]
06. Exrotic [Jazzy Humix] [add]
07. Bootleg II: The Toddler Is Back [add]
08. Prince of Prime [Long Cut] [add]
09. Tijuana [Mexicomix] [add]
10. Bootleg III: Yoshito's Country! [add]
11. Exrotic [Global Orgasmix] [add]
12. Slipt Away [Vocals Version] [add]
13. Bootleg IV: Sphereology Allstars Live! [add]
14. Virgin [Studio Version] [add]
15. Queena [TJ's Goamix] [add]
16. Bootleg V: Bootleg Five [add]
17. Urban Landscape [Spheremix '99] [add]
18. Fresh Water [Angry Version] [add]
19. Introduction (The Lonely Intro) [add]
20. Cyberlove [extended demo version] [add]
21. Father for a Day [demo version] [add]
22. More [extended demo version] [add]
23. Too Much Talkin' [supershy version] [add]
24. Why Are You So Beautiful [back out mix] [add]
25. Pinch Me [original homegrown jamix] [add]
26. Naturally Stoned [french squirrel mix] [add]
27. One Man Boy Group [3 minute joke cut] [add]
28. Beautyfool [rootsfool jamix] [add]
29. No One There [Original Homegrown Version] [add]
30. Mother [uncensored rhymix] [add]
31. Outroduction... (Sphere-Call) [add]
32. The Lonely Song [Verify Error Mix] [add]

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