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Kim Salmon lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hit Me With the Surreal Feel (1996) 01. The Surreal Feel [add]
02. Bad Birth [add]
03. Feel [add]
04. Bellyfull of Slugs [add]
05. The Surreel Feel [add]
06. Black Velvet [add]
07. Intense [add]
08. Blue Velvet [add]
09. The Surreel Feal [add]
10. Torture [add]
11. Devil in Disguise [add]
12. The Surreal Feal [add]

Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Own Thing (1998) 01. I Won't Tell [add]
02. The Zipper [add]
03. You're Such a Freak [add]
04. Undone [add]
05. The Connoisseur [add]
06. Insurance Man [add]
07. Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing [add]
08. You've Got Layers [add]
09. Alcohol [add]
10. The Lot [add]
11. Horizontal Zipper [add]
12. I Am a Voyeur [add]
13. Guilt Free [add]
14. Space 1999 [add]
15. Medium [add]
16. Put Your Trust in Me [add]
17. Caught in the Zipper [add]

Record (1999) 01. What's All This Business? [add]
02. Saving Me from Me [add]
03. Disconnected [add]
04. Share It [add]
05. Don't Fake It [add]
06. Anticipation [add]
07. Nothing Can Go Wrong [add]
08. I'll Be Around [add]
09. Give Me Some Notes Mike [add]
10. Emperor's New Clothes [add]
11. New Kind of Angle [add]
12. Behave Yourself [add]
13. I.O.U. [add]
14. Caesar's Lament [add]

King Salmon & The Surealists (1999) 01. I Wish Upon You [add]
02. What's Inside Your Box? [add]
03. Redemption for Sale [add]
04. Draggin' out the Truth [add]
05. Plenty More Fish [add]
06. Intense [add]
07. Frantic Romantic [add]
08. I'm Gonna See You Compromised [add]
09. Innersense [add]
10. Holocaust [add]
11. It's Your Fault [add]

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