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The Sex lyrics
Genre: Rock
Wake Up and Smell the Parents (0000) 01. Dungeon Destroyer [add]
02. Mash It Out [add]
03. Abuse Yourself [add]
04. Virus [add]
05. ...Now! [add]
06. Harpeth Hall Girls [add]
07. School [add]
08. Epileptic Genitalia [add]
09. Ducks in a Line [add]
10. My Belongings Order Me Around [add]
11. Papal Foliage [add]
12. I Don't Know What Is Going On [add]
13. The System...Yeah [add]
14. Who Are You? [add]
15. Machine Time (Reprise) [add]
16. Shake Your Rump [add]
17. Predjudice and Tenderness [add]
18. Deathwatch [add]

A Split Album (0000) 01. Chess Club [add]
02. Sushi [add]
03. There She Went [add]
04. Calling [add]
05. Feed Me [add]
06. Ants in My Pants [add]
07. Soul Banquet [add]
08. Bad Luck [add]
09. If I Slip on Your Beer in the Pit One More Time I Will Spill Your ... [add]
10. Cyborg Ninja [add]

Tusky Mahloo [live] (2002) 01. How Horses Court [add]
02. Christ Is an Option [add]
03. Feed [add]
04. I'm Bleeding [add]
05. Blitzkrieg Bop [add]
06. The Effect [add]
07. Music City [add]
08. Tusky Mahloo [add]
09. Machine Time [add]

Have Fun With... (2002) 01. How Horses Court [add]
02. Bleeding [add]
03. Christ Is an Option [add]
04. The Effect [add]
05. Feed [add]
06. Music City [add]
07. Machine Time [add]

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