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Genre: Rock
Last of the Ghetto Astronauts (1995) 01. Alabama Motel Room [add]
02. Symbolistic White Walls [add]
03. She's Got a New Disguise [add]
04. Native Son [add]
05. Vermilion [add]
06. Every Name Is My Name [add]
07. Haven't Slept in Years [add]
08. Radio Bomb [add]
09. Fearless [add]
10. The War Is Over [add]
11. Omissions of the Omen [*] [add]

Underdogs (1998) 01. Deep Six [add]
02. Everything Is Automatic [add]
03. Apparitions [add]
04. My Out of Style Is Coming Back [add]
05. Strangest One of All [add]
06. Middle Class Gangsters [add]
07. Rico [add]
08. Prime Time Deliverance [add]
09. The Inescapable Us [add]
10. Indestructible [add]
11. Invasion 1 [add]
12. Look Happy, It's the End of the World [add]
13. Change of Season [add]

Beautiful Midnight (1999) 01. 05:00 P.M. Giant [add]
02. 06:00 P.M. Hello Time Bomb [add]
03. 07:00 P.M. Strange Days [add]
04. 08:00 P.M. I Miss New Wave [add]
05. 09:00 P.M. Load Me Up [add]
06. 10:00 P.M. Failing the Rorschach Test [add]
07. 11:00 P.M. Suburbia [add]
08. 12:00 A.M. Let's Get It On [add]
09. 01:00 A.M. Jenni's Song [add]
10. 02:00 A.M. Going All The Way [add]
11. 03:00 A.M. A Boy and His Machine Gun [add]
12. 04:00 A.M. The Future Is X-Rated [add]
13. 05:00 A.M. Born to Kill [add]
14. Sun Up Running for Home [add]

Audio of Being (2002) 01. Man of Action [add]
02. Carmelina [add]
03. Tripoli [add]
04. Advertising on Police Cars [add]
05. I, The Throw Away [add]
06. Truffle Pigs [add]
07. The Fall of Man [add]
08. Under the Influence [add]
09. The Rat Who Would Be King [add]
10. Anti-Pop [add]
11. The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production [add]
12. Sort of a Protest Song [add]

Avalanche (2003) 01. Pledge of Allegiance [add]
02. Lullaby for the New World Order [add]
03. Weapon lyrics
04. In a World Called Catastrophe [add]
05. Avalanche lyrics
06. 21st Century Living lyrics
07. While We Were Hunting Rabbits lyrics
08. Bright End of Nowhere [add]
09. Near Fantastica lyrics
10. Song for the Girl [add]
11. Double Life lyrics
12. A Long Way Down [add]
13. House of Smoke & Mirrors [add]

White Light Rock & Roll Review (2004) 01. Put Out Your Lights [add]
02. Poor Man's Grey [add]
03. We're So Heavy [add]
04. Empty Road [add]
05. Alert Status Red [add]
06. Little Terror [add]
07. In Love With a Bad Idea [add]
08. North American for Life [add]
09. Blue Skies Over Bad Lands [add]
10. It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man [add]
11. Buffalo Seven [add]
12. Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra [add]

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