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Sidcar lyrics
Genre: Rap
Blax Sunday (2006) 01. Tha Playground [add]
02. Porno Pussy Fea: Mystique [add]
03. Luv Bug [add]
04. In My Wheelchair [add]
05. Burning [add]
06. The Reapers Plea Fea: Skeleton & X~Ray [add]
07. Voices [add]
08. Tense-1st Nervous Breakdown [add]
09. Help Me Think im Somebody Else Fea: Mystique [add]
10. Were Your Burn [add]

Everyday's Holloween (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Waiting Fa My Turn [add]
03. May Ya Death Come [add]
04. You Are the Reason [add]
05. Highway [add]
06. Steal My Cookies [add]
07. Could I Disappear (In the Mirror) Fea: Mystique [add]
08. Imma Monkey [add]
09. Play with a Dead Girl [add]
10. Selling My Body Fea: Mystique [add]
11. Warm Belly [add]
12. Others [add]
13. Embrace the Evil [add]
14. When It's Time Fea: Mystique [add]
15. Peel Back My Skin Fea: Mystique [add]
16. Nut Juice [add]
17. Everythangs a Show [add]

Systematic (2006) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Just Anotha Scar [add]
03. Nightmare in Jail [add]
04. Nothing Fair About Living [add]
05. Move Far Away Fea: Background Vocals by X~Ray [add]
06. Who Got Control [add]
07. Horny Little Devil [add]
08. Poltergeist Fea: Possesed Verses by X~Ray & Mercy [add]
09. Im Gonna Be Your Dildo [add]
10. When the Blood Goes [add]
11. Someone Will (Pick Up the Blood) [add]
12. The Cross [add]
13. Squirrel Hoe (You Wanna Be Boned) [add]
14. Frozen [add]
15. Told That Boy [add]
16. What Do U Want My Lord [add]
17. God's a Swollen Dick [add]

Hell (2006) 01. Paradise in Hell [add]
02. At the Westcoast [add]
03. Don't Recognize the Devil [add]
04. Deers in the Headlight [add]
05. The Little Bunnies [add]
06. Only Wanna Freak [add]
07. In Momma's Draws [add]
08. As U Specified [add]
09. Dust (Inna Pine Box) [add]
10. Medicine [add]

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