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Jadis lyrics
Genre: Rock
Across the Water (1995) 01. Touch [add]
02. In Isolation [add]
03. Daylight Fades [add]
04. Everywhere I Turn [add]
05. A Life Is All You Need [add]
06. The World on Your Side [add]
07. No Sacrifice [add]

As Daylight Fades (1998) 01. Sleepwalk [add]
02. Batstein [add]
03. Daylight Fades [add]
04. Wonderful World [add]
05. Falling Away [add]
06. The Beginning & End [add]
07. In Isolation [add]
08. More Than Meets the Eye [add]
09. No Sacrifice [add]
10. Holding Your Breath [add]

Medium Rare (2003) 01. Follow Me to Salzburg [add]
02. All in One Day [add]
03. View from Above [add]
04. This Changing Face [add]
05. In the Dark [add]
06. Taking Your Time [add]
07. Hiding in the Corner [add]
08. Live This Lie Re-Written & Re-Recorded [add]
09. Giraffe Chariot Demo [add]
10. The World on Your Side Live [add]
11. Acoustic Medley Live [add]
12. This Changing Face Acoustic [add]
13. Alive Inside Demo [add]
14. Old & Wise [add]

Somersault (2003) 01. Live This Lie [add]
02. Batstein [add]
03. Speechless [add]
04. Losing My Fear [add]
05. Tomorrow Always Arrives [add]
06. Falling Away [add]
07. Hear Us [add]

Understand (2003) 01. Where in the World [add]
02. Is This Real [add]
03. Alive Inside [add]
04. Between Here and There [add]
05. Racing Sideways [add]
06. Understand [add]
07. Giraffe Chariot [add]
08. Counting All the Seconds [add]

Fanatic (2003) 01. The Great Outside [add]
02. Into Temptation [add]
03. Each & Everyday [add]
04. I Never Noticed [add]
05. Fanatic [add]
06. Yourself Alone [add]
07. Take These Words [add]
08. What Kind of Reason [add]
09. Who Can We Be Sure Of [add]

More Than Meets the Eye (2005) 01. Sleepwalk [add]
02. Hiding in the Corner [add]
03. G.13 [add]
04. Wonderful World [add]
05. More Than Meets the Eye [add]
06. The Beginning and the End [add]
07. Holding Your Breath [add]
08. This Changing Face [add]
09. Follow Me to Salzburg [add]
10. Scratching the Surface [add]
11. Taking Your Time [add]
12. G.13 [add]
13. Out of Reach [add]
14. Don't Keep Me Waiting [add]
15. In the Dark [add]
16. Lost for Words [add]
17. This Changing Face [add]
18. Baboon Enquiries, Pt.1 [add]
19. The Beginning and the End [add]
20. Baboon Enquiries, Pt.2 [add]

Photoplay (2006) 01. There's a Light [add]
02. What Goes Around [add]
03. Asleep in My Hands [add]
04. Standing Still [add]
05. I Hear Your Voice [add]
06. Make Me Move [add]
07. Who I Am [add]
08. Need to Breathe [add]
09. Please Open Your Eyes [add]
10. All You've Even Known [add]
11. Photoplay [add]

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