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Mancow lyrics
Genre: Comedy
The One Eyed Man Is King (1998) 01. Now You're in Cow's World! [add]
02. I Like the Cow [add]
03. Mancow Phone Scam: Tampon Hotline [add]
04. Mr. Methane Farts the Hits [add]
05. We Are on the Air! [add]
06. Cow Is Eagle Man [add]
07. Crap on Shitzu [add]
08. FCC Rules for Mancow [add]
09. Mancow Phone Scam: Mr. Lipshitz [add]
10. Cheap Trick Sings "The Mancow Song" [add]
11. 911 [add]
12. Mancow Militia Margarita Phone [add]
13. Mancow Phone Scam: He She [add]
14. Dr. Dirty [add]
15. Turd, Turd, Here Comes the Turd! [add]
16. Mancow Phone Scam: Did His Brother! [add]
17. Each It & I (Say It Fast) [add]
18. Voice of a Nation [add]
19. "Insane Clown Posse" Parody "3 Little Piggies" [add]
20. The Leper Colony [add]
21. Mancow Phone Scam: Born With No Tongue [add]
22. Turddy [add]
23. Mancow Phone Scam: Mr. Dicksmack [add]
24. Liar Liar Clinton Liar [add]
25. Clinton Sings "Gimme 3 Shakes Paula" [add]
26. Toy Story [add]
27. DJ Special Ed [add]
28. Mr. Bingo the Monkey That Impersonates Clinton [add]
29. Slam-O-Rama! [add]
30. Mancow Phone Scam: Fast Food Reservations [add]
31. Lil' Johnny Muller's Potty Mouth [add]
32. Mancow Phone Scam: Fun With 411 [add]
33. Homeless Larry Gives Directions [add]
34. Womb Woman! [add]
35. Phonegirl at the OB/GYN [add]
36. Mancow Phone Scam: Starsky & Hutch [add]
37. Insane Clown Posse "We Down the With Cow! " [add]
38. Mancow Phone Scam: Where's My Dot? [add]
39. Aerosmith With Cow [add]
40. Turd Goes to Hell [add]
41. A Tribute to Chris Farley [add]

White Cotton Panties (1999) 01. Turd Intro [add]
02. White Cotton Panties! [add]
03. Countdown [add]
04. Dickies [Phone Scam] [add]
05. Mom Feeds Kids Condiments [add]
06. Pie With No Crust [Phone Scam] [add]
07. A Mancow Jammy [add]
08. Lullaby Stephen Lynch [X-Rated Song Stephen] [add]
09. Cowboy Ray Message: "Hire a Wrestler" [add]
10. Tales from the Crib With Big Al [add]
11. Crazy Mary With Eddie [add]
12. Statue of Liberty's Boobies [Phone Scam] [add]
13. Coal Chamber's Mancow Song [add]
14. Queef [add]
15. Guns Are Good [add]
16. Cow and R.E.M. [add]
17. Taint? [add]
18. ECW [add]
19. A Mancow Jammy [add]
20. Cowboy Ray With Sammy Hagar [add]
21. Prison Bitch [add]
22. Night Calls [add]
23. "Stick This in Your A**" [Phone Scam] [add]
24. Turd Trains His Dog [add]
25. Mancow Slams Liberal Schools [add]
26. The Truth of Guns! [add]
27. "Time to Get High": Los Marijuanos [add]
28. Hobbit [Phone Scam] [add]
29. Cowboy Ray With Bobcat [add]
30. Mancow. Com [add]
31. One Eyed Breakdown [add]
32. Sh*t House [add]
33. Bob Noxious Attacks! [add]
34. Insane Old Lady [add]
35. Chickety China [Phone Scam] [add]
36. The China Doctor [add]
37. Ozzy [add]
38. A Mancow Jammy [add]
39. Dear Penis [add]
40. Monkey [Michael Winslow Phone Scam] [add]
41. The Beginning [add]
42. Cow in Satan Woods [add]
43. Mancow Militia [add]
44. Street Life With the Long Haired Traffic Freak [add]
45. So F*cking? [add]
46. The Mancow Bus [Song] [add]
47. My Tool [Phone Scam] [add]
48. The Diceman Cummeth [add]
49. Oak Tampons [add]
50. Bill Kurtis [add]

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