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Diamond Dogs lyrics
Genre: Rock
As Your Greens Turn Brown (2001) 01. Bloodshot [add]
02. Goodbye, Miss Jill [add]
03. Hardhitter [add]
04. Singin' With the Alleycats [add]
05. Bite Off [add]
06. Anywhere Tonight [add]
07. Mighty, Mighty Mountain [add]
08. Boogie for Tanja [add]
09. Let Me Share It [add]
10. Yesterdays Nymph [add]
11. The Drifter [add]
12. Scapegoat [add]
13. Off the Record [add]
14. You'll Be Knockin' [add]
15. As Your Greens Turn Brown [add]

Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough (2002) 01. Charity Song [add]
02. Bound to Ravage [add]
03. Sad to Say I'm Sorry [add]
04. Somebody Elses Lord [add]
05. This One's for My Lady [add]
06. All Strung Out [add]
07. Desperate Poetry [add]
08. Every Little Crack [add]
09. Bitter Sweethearts [add]
10. Stardom [add]
11. Blues Yet to Come [add]
12. I Shall Not Be Moved [instrumental] [add]

That's the Juice I'm On (2003) 01. From Now On [#] [add]
02. Just Ain't Right [Alternative Mix] [add]
03. Weekend Monster [add]
04. I'll Drink to Ya [#] [add]
05. Passing Through My Heart [add]
06. Get the Monkey Off [#] [add]
07. Throw It All Away [Alternative Mix] [add]
08. Travelin' Rose [#] [add]
09. Lunatic Eye-Rolling Delivery [add]
10. Hurt You Twice as Much [#] [add]
11. Position Right Here [add]
12. Pills [add]
13. You Captured My Smile [#] [add]
14. Slim Busty Blonde [add]

Atlantic Crossover (2005) 01. Scunthorpe Avenue [add]
02. Let Me Include You [add]
03. By My Side [add]
04. I'm in Love With the Gtos [add]
05. I Wanna Slip Into [add]
06. Crooked Crutch [add]
07. I Ain't No Rattlesnake [add]
08. Head [add]
09. Burn Down the Trailer Park [add]
10. Bite Off [add]
11. Black Train [add]
12. Nice Boys [add]

Bound to Ravage (2005) 01. Sad to Say I'm Sorry [add]
02. Bite Off [add]
03. Bound to Ravage [add]
04. From Now On [add]
05. Autopilot [add]
06. Somebody Elses Lord [add]
07. Hard Hitter [add]
08. Things You're Never Ever Gonna Wanna Do [add]
09. Crooked Crutch [add]
10. Goodbye Miss Jill [add]
11. Gotta Be Gone (It's Alright) [add]
12. Passing Through My Heart [add]

Up the Rock (2006) 01. Generation Upstart [add]
02. We May Not Have Tomorrow (But We Still Have Tonight) [add]
03. Down in the Alley Again [add]
04. Acting Singles [add]
05. Turning a Shack into a Chapel [add]
06. Where Are You Tonight [add]
07. Closest I Ever Been to Memphis [add]
08. You Got Nothing on Me [add]
09. Come Easy Come Slow [add]
10. Put Your Hands Together [add]
11. If I Ever Fall in Love with You [add]
12. Make It to the Shore [add]

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