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Useless ID lyrics
Genre: Rock
Dead's Not Punk (0000) 01. Intro [add]
02. Feeling Wrong [add]
03. Confused [add]
04. No Excuse [add]
05. One Crazy Day [add]
06. Room of Anger [add]
07. Is It Right? [add]
08. Don't Forget [add]
09. Beatless or Something [add]
10. Stumbling [add]
11. Letters [add]
12. Perfect Life [add]
13. Start All Over [add]
14. To Live and Die- For No Ones Name [add]
15. On My Own [add]
16. Getting in the Way [add]

Get in the Pita Bread Pit (1999) 01. Questions and Answers [add]
02. Perfect Life #2 [add]
03. Leaving Town [add]
04. Lonely Heart [add]
05. Lost Once Again [add]
06. Time to Move On [add]
07. Lost in Space [add]
08. Run [add]
09. Have a Nice Life [add]
10. Not Too Late [add]

Bad Story Happy Ending (2001) 01. At the Stadium [add]
02. Another Bad Taste [add]
03. No Time for Me to Be a Teenager [add]
04. Presents [add]
05. Just Friends [add]
06. Oh, My Guard [add]
07. Day by Day [add]
08. Nothing Logical in This Lifetime [add]
09. Out of Tune [add]
10. Note [add]
11. Far from Distance [add]
12. Operation New Years [add]
13. Working Jerk [add]
14. Wake Up Call [add]
15. A Year to Forget [add]

No Vacation from the World (2003) 01. Same Story Someone New [add]
02. The Worst Holiday I've Ever Had [add]
03. Bring Me Down [add]
04. My Therapy [add]
05. Jukebox 86 [add]
06. Too Late to Start Over [add]
07. Unhappy Hour [add]
08. Birthday Song [add]
09. Crush [add]
10. Weird Rock [add]
11. Stuck Without a Ride [add]
12. Diary [add]
13. At Least I Tried [add]
14. End [add]

Redemption (2004) 01. It's Alright [add]
02. Kiss Me. Kill Me [add]
03. Pink Stars and Magazines [add]
04. Deny It [add]
05. Suffer for the Fame [add]
06. Turn Up the Stereo [add]
07. Before I Go [add]
08. Dying Love [add]
09. Drinkage [add]
10. Everything Turned Red [add]
11. State of Fear [add]
12. Redemption [add]

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