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Ten lyrics
Genre: Rock
Name of the Rose (1997) 01. The Name of the Rose [add]
02. Wildest Dreams [add]
03. Don't Cry [add]
04. Turn Around [add]
05. The Pharaoh's Prelude: Ascension to the Afterlife [add]
06. Wait for You [add]
07. The Rainbow [add]
08. Through the Fire [add]
09. Goodnight Saigon [add]
10. Wings of the Storm [add]
11. Standing in Your Light [add]
12. The Quest [add]
13. You're My Religion [add]

The Robe (1998) 01. The Robe [add]
02. Bright on the Blade [add]
03. Standing on the Edge of Time [add]
04. Virtual Reality [add]
05. Arcadia [add]
06. Battlelines [add]
07. You're in My Heart [add]
08. Fly Like an Eagle [add]
09. Ten Fathoms Deep [add]
10. Someday [add]

Never Say Goodbye [live] (1999) 01. The Robe [add]
02. Bright on the Blade [add]
03. Wildest Dreams [add]
04. The Tourch [add]
05. Yesterday Lies in Flames [add]
06. The Rainbow [add]
07. The Crusades [add]
08. Don't Cry [add]
09. Goodnight Saigon [add]
10. Arcadia [add]
11. You're in My Heart [Acoustic] [add]
12. The Loneliest Place in the World [add]
13. Ten Fathoms Deep [add]
14. After the Love Has Gone [add]
15. Stay with Me [add]
16. Standing on the Edge of Time [add]
17. Fly Like an Eagle [add]
18. Drum Solo [add]
19. Battlelines [add]
20. The Pharaoh's Prelude [add]
21. Wait for You [add]
22. The Name of the Rose [add]
23. Black Moon Rising [*] [add]
24. Venus and Mars [*] [add]
25. If Only for a Day [*] [add]
26. Give Me a Piece PF Your Heart [*] [add]

Babylon (2000) 01. The Stranger [add]
02. Barricade [add]
03. Give in This Time [add]
04. Love Became the Law [add]
05. The Heat [add]
06. Silent Rain [add]
07. Timeless [add]
08. Black Hearted Woman [add]
09. Thunder in Heaven [add]
10. Valentine [add]

Return to Evermore [China] (2004) 01. Apparition [add]
02. Dreamtide [add]
03. Evermore [add]
04. Sail Away [add]
05. Temple of Love [add]
06. Even the Ghosts Cry [add]
07. Strangers in the Night [add]
08. Evil's on Top in the World [add]
09. The One [add]
10. Lost Soul [add]
11. Stay a While [add]
12. Tearing My Heart Out [add]
13. It's You I Adore [*] [add]

Ten (2004) 01. The Crusades/It's All About Love [add]
02. After the Love Has Gone [add]
03. Yesterday Lies in the Flames [add]
04. The Torch [add]
05. Stay with Me [add]
06. Close Your Eyes and Dream [add]
07. Eyes of a Child [add]
08. Can't Slow Down [add]
09. Lamb to the Slaughter [add]
10. Soliloquy/The Loneliest Place in the World [add]

Spellbound (2004) 01. March of the Argonauts [add]
02. Fear the Force [add]
03. Inside the Pyramids of Light [add]
04. Spellbound [add]
05. We Rule the Night [add]
06. Remembrance for the Brave [add]
07. Red lyrics
08. The Alchemist [add]
09. Wonderland lyrics
10. Eclipse [add]
11. The Phantom [add]
12. Till the End of Time [add]

Twilight Chronicles (2006) 01. The Elysian Fields, Pt. 1 (Prologue)/Rome [add]
02. The Chronicles [add]
03. The Elysian Fields [add]
04. Hallowed Ground [add]
05. This Heart Goes On [add]
06. Oblivion [add]
07. The Twilight Masquerade [add]
08. Tourniquet [add]
09. Born to the Grave [add]
10. When This Night Is Done/The Last Moment Before Dawn (Epilogue) [add]

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