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Johnny Winter lyrics
Genre: Blues
Johnny Winter (1969) 01. I'm Yours and I'm Hers [add]
02. Be Careful With a Fool [add]
03. Dallas [add]
04. Mean Mistreater [add]
05. Leland Mississippi Blues [add]
06. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [add]
07. When You Got a Good Friend [add]
08. I'll Drown in My Tears [add]
09. Back Door Friend [add]

Second Winter (1969) 01. Memory Pain [add]
02. I'm Not Sure [add]
03. The Good Love [add]
04. Slippin' and Slidin' [add]
05. Miss Ann [add]
06. Johnny B. Goode [add]
07. Highway 61 Revisited [add]
08. I Love Everybody [add]
09. Hustled Down in Texas [add]
10. I Hate Everybody [add]
11. Fast Life Rider [add]

The Progressive Blues Experiment (1969) 01. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
02. Tribute to Muddy [add]
03. I Got Love If You Want It lyrics
04. Bad Luck and Trouble [add]
05. Help Me [add]
06. Mean Town Blues [add]
07. Broke Down Engine [add]
08. Black Cat Bone [add]
09. It's My Own Fault [add]
10. Forty-Four [add]

Johnny Winter And (1970) 01. Guess I'll Go Away [add]
02. Ain't That a Kindness [add]
03. No Time to Live [add]
04. Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo [add]
05. Am I Here? [add]
06. Look Up [add]
07. Prodigal Son [add]
08. On the Limb [add]
09. Let the Music Play [add]
10. Nothing Left [add]
11. Funky Music [add]

Live Johnny Winter And (1971) 01. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [add]
02. It's My Own Fault [add]
03. Jumpin' Jack Flash [add]
04. Rock & Roll Medley: Great Balls of Fire/Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta [add]
05. Mean Town Blues [add]
06. Johnny B. Goode [add]

Still Alive and Well (1973) 01. Rock Me Baby [add]
02. Can't You Feel It [add]
03. Cheap Tequila [add]
04. All Tore Down [add]
05. Rock & Roll [add]
06. Silver Train [add]
07. Ain't Nothing to Me [add]
08. Still Alive & Well [add]
09. Too Much Seconal [add]
10. Let It Bleed [add]
11. Lucille [*] [add]
12. From a Buick 6 [*] [add]

Saints & Sinners (1974) 01. Stone County [add]
02. Blinded by Love [add]
03. Thirty Days [add]
04. Stray Cat Blues [add]
05. Bad Luck Situation [add]
06. Rollin' Cross the Country [add]
07. Riot in Cell Block #9 [add]
08. Hurtin' So Bad [add]
09. Bony Moronie [add]
10. Feedback on Highway 101 [add]
11. Dirty [#] [add]

Captured Live! (1976) 01. Bony Moronie [add]
02. Roll With Me [add]
03. Rock & Roll People [add]
04. It's All over Now [add]
05. Highway 61 Revisited [add]
06. Sweet Papa John [add]

Nothin' But the Blues (1977) 01. Tired of Tryin' [add]
02. TV Mama [add]
03. Sweet Love and Evil Women [add]
04. Everybody's Blues [add]
05. Drinkin' Blues [add]
06. Mad Blues [add]
07. It Was Rainin' [add]
08. Bladie Mae [add]
09. Walkin' Thru the Park [add]

White Hot & Blue (1978) 01. Walking by Myself [add]
02. Slidin' In [add]
03. Divin' Duck Blues [add]
04. One Step at a Time [add]
05. Nickel Blues [add]
06. E.Z. Rider [add]
07. Last Night [add]
08. Messin' With the Kid [add]

Raisin' Cain (1980) 01. The Crawl [add]
02. Sitting in the Jail House [add]
03. Like a Rolling Stone [add]
04. New York [add]
05. Bon Ton Roulet [add]
06. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
07. Talk's Cheap [add]
08. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [add]
09. Don't Hide Your Love [add]
10. Mother-In-Law Blues [add]
11. Walkin' Slow [add]

Guitar Slinger (1984) 01. It's My Life, Baby [add]
02. Don't Take Advantage of Me [add]
03. Iodine in My Coffee [add]
04. Trick Bag [add]
05. Mad Dog [add]
06. Boot Hill [add]
07. I Smell Trouble [add]
08. Lights Out [add]
09. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye [add]
10. My Soul [add]

Serious Business (1985) 01. Master Mechanic [add]
02. Sound the Bell [add]
03. Murdering Blues [add]
04. It Ain't Your Business [add]
05. Good Time Woman [add]
06. Unseen Eye [add]
07. My Time After Awhile [add]
08. Serious as a Heart Attack [add]
09. Give It Back [add]
10. Route 90 [add]

And/Alive! (1986) 01. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [add]
02. It's My Own Fault [add]
03. Jumpin' Jack Flash [add]
04. Rock & Roll Medley: Great Balls of Fire/Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta [add]
05. Mean Town Blues [add]
06. Johnny B. Goode [add]
07. Guess I'll Go Away [add]
08. Ain't That a Kindness [add]
09. No Time to Live [add]
10. Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo [add]
11. Am I Here? [add]
12. Look Up [add]
13. Prodigal Son [add]
14. On the Limb [add]
15. Let the Music Play [add]
16. Nothing Left [add]
17. Funky Music [add]

Third Degree (1986) 01. Mojo Boogie [add]
02. Love, Life and Money [add]
03. Evil On My Mind [add]
04. See See Baby [add]
05. Tin Pan Alley [add]
06. I'm Good [add]
07. Third Degree [add]
08. Shake Your Moneymaker [add]
09. Bad Girl Blues [add]
10. Broke and Lonely [add]

Birds Can't Row Boats (1988) 01. Don't Drink Whiskey [#] [add]
02. Suicide Won't Satisfy [#] [add]
03. Goin' Down Slow [#] [add]
04. Blue Suede Shoes [#] [add]
05. I Wonder If I Care [#] [add]
06. Easy Loving Girl [add]
07. Take My Choice [#] [add]
08. Coming up Fast [#] [add]
09. Livin' in the Blues [add]
10. Birds Can't Row Boats [add]
11. Ice Cube [add]
12. Gone for Bad [add]
13. Tramp [add]
14. The Mistress [#] [add]
15. Avocado Green lyrics

The Winter of '88 (1988) 01. Close to Me [add]
02. Rain [add]
03. Stranger Blues [add]
04. Ain't That Just Like a Woman [add]
05. World of Contradictions [add]
06. Lightning [add]
07. Looking for Trouble [add]
08. Show Me [add]
09. Anything for Your Love [add]
10. Look Away [add]
11. Mother Earth [add]
12. It'll Be Me [add]

A Lone Star Kind of Day (1990) 01. Louie, Louie [add]
02. We Go Back Quite a Ways [add]
03. Busted in Austin [add]
04. Ease My Pain [add]
05. Don't Hide It [add]
06. You'll Be the Death of Me [add]
07. Fallin' in Love [add]
08. Stay by My Side [add]
09. A Jack Daniel's Kind of Day [add]
10. Shed So Many Tears [add]
11. Gangster of Love [add]
12. Oakie Doakie Stomp [add]
13. Who Dunnit [add]
14. Come Back Baby [add]
15. The Guy You Left Behind [add]
16. Bad News [add]
17. Broke and Lonely [add]

Let Me In (1991) 01. Illustrated Man [add]
02. Barefootin' [add]
03. Life Is Hard [add]
04. Hey You [add]
05. Blue Mood [add]
06. Sugaree [add]
07. Medicine Man [add]
08. You're Humbuggin' Me [add]
09. If You Got a Good Woman [add]
10. Got to Find My Baby [add]
11. Shame, Shame, Shame [add]
12. Let Me In [add]
13. You Lie Too Much [add]

Hey, Where's Your Brother? (1992) 01. Johnny Guitar [add]
02. She Likes to Boogie Real Low [add]
03. White Line Blues [add]
04. Please Come Home for Christmas [add]
05. Hard Way [add]
06. You Must Have a Twin [add]
07. You Keep Sayin' That You're Leaving [add]
08. Treat Me Like You Wanta [add]
09. Sick and Tired [add]
10. Blues This Bad [add]
11. No More Doggin' [add]
12. Check Out Her Mama [add]
13. I Got My Brand on You [add]
14. One Step Forward (Two Steps Back) [add]

Walking by Myself [live] (1992) 01. E.Z. Rider [add]
02. Walking by Myself [add]
03. Mother Earth [add]
04. Bony Maronie [add]
05. Busted in Austin [add]
06. Messin' With the Kid [add]
07. I Can't Make It by Myself [add]
08. Johnny B. Goode [add]
09. It's All Over Now [add]
10. Jumpin' Jack Flash [add]

Scorchin' Blues (1992) 01. Walking by Myself [add]
02. Divin' Duck Blues [add]
03. One Step at a Time [add]
04. Bladie Mae [add]
05. Mad Blues [add]
06. It Was Rainin' [add]
07. Mean Mistreater [add]
08. Mother-In-Law Blues [add]
09. Dallas [add]
10. Mean Town Blues [add]

Live in Houston Busted In Austin (1994) 01. E.Z. Rider [add]
02. Walking by Myself [add]
03. Mother Earth [add]
04. Bony Moronie [add]
05. Busted in Austin [add]
06. Messin' With the Kid [add]
07. I Can't Make It by Myself [add]
08. Johnny B. Goode [add]
09. It's All over Now [add]
10. Jumpin' Jack Flash [add]

Blues to the Bone (1995) 01. Late on Blues [add]
02. Loudmouth [add]
03. Lien on Your Body (Mortgage on Your Soul) [add]
04. Once I Had a Woman [add]
05. Take My Choice [add]
06. Unwelcome in Your Town [add]
07. Gangster of Love [add]
08. Alone in My Bedroom [add]
09. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [add]
10. Moth Balls [add]
11. She's Mine [add]
12. Unsatisfied Mind [add]
13. Rock Me Baby [add]

Rock & Roll People (1995) 01. Rock and Roll People [add]
02. Don't Hide Your Love [add]
03. Honest I Do [add]
04. Stray Cat Blues [add]
05. Still Alive & Well [add]
06. Bony Maronie [add]
07. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
08. Thirty Days [add]
09. Like a Rolling Stone [add]
10. Walking by Myself [add]

White Lightning (1996) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Mean Town Blues [add]
03. Black Cat Bone [add]
04. Mean Mistreater [add]
05. Talk to Your Daughter [add]
06. Look Up [add]
07. I Can Love You Baby [add]

School Day Blues (1996) 01. Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone [add]
02. Sloppy Drunk Blues [add]
03. The Death of Me [add]
04. Hook You [add]
05. Tramp [add]
06. Moth Balls [add]
07. Coming up Fast, Pt. 1 [add]
08. Coming up Fast, Pt. 2 [add]
09. School Day Blues [add]
10. You Know I Love You [add]
11. Take My Choice [add]
12. Reelin' and Rockin' [add]
13. I Won't Believe It [add]
14. Easy Loving Girl [add]
15. Don't Drink Whiskey [add]

Live at the Texas Opry House (1997) 01. Somethin' Goin' on Wrong [add]
02. Come on in My Kitchen [add]
03. Brown Eyed Handsome Man [add]
04. In the Wee Wee Hours [add]
05. Wipeout [add]
06. Hideaway [add]
07. Diving Duck Blues [add]
08. Mississippi Blue [add]
09. Last Night [add]

White Hot Blues (1997) 01. Rock Me Baby [add]
02. Divin' Duck Blues [add]
03. Memory Pain [add]
04. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
05. Be Careful with a Fool [add]
06. I Love Everybody [add]
07. New York, New York [add]
08. Walking by Myself [add]
09. Leland Mississippi Blues [add]
10. TV Mama [add]
11. Highway 61 Revisited [add]
12. The Crawl [add]
13. Hustled Down in Texas [add]
14. Too Much Seconal [add]
15. Messin' with the Kid [add]
16. Johnny B. Goode [live] [add]

White Heat (1997) 01. Mean Town Blues [add]
02. Black Cat Bone [add]
03. Talk to Your Daughter [add]
04. Tore Down [add]
05. You Know It Ain't Right [add]
06. Medley: Mean Mistreater/Baby What You Want Me to Do/Leaving Blues [add]
07. Stop Light [add]
08. Bright Lights, Big City [add]

Live in NYC '97 (1998) 01. Hideway [add]
02. Sen-Sa-Shun/Got My Mojo Working [add]
03. She Likes to Boogie Real Low [add]
04. Blackjack [add]
05. Just a Little Bit [add]
06. The Sun Is Shining [add]
07. The Sky Is Crying [add]
08. Johnny Guitar [add]
09. Drop the Bomb [add]

Back in Beaumont (2000) 01. Made in the Shade [add]
02. They Call Me Lazy [add]
03. Family Rules [add]
04. Ohh Pooh Pah Do [add]
05. Drivin' Wheel [add]
06. Allons Dancez [add]
07. Struggle in Houston [add]
08. You're Humbuggin' Me [add]
09. Just a Little Bit [add]
10. Rainin' Breakdown [add]

I'm a Bluesman (2004) 01. I'm a Bluesman [add]
02. Cheatin' Blues [add]
03. I Smell Smoke [add]
04. Lone Wolf [add]
05. So Much Love [add]
06. The Monkey Song [add]
07. Shake Down [add]
08. Sweet Little Baby [add]
09. Pack Your Bags [add]
10. Last Night [add]
11. That Wouldn't Satisfy [add]
12. Sugar Coated Love [add]
13. Let's Start All Over Again [add]

Johnny B. Goode (2005) 01. Johnny B. Goode [add]
02. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo [add]
03. Still Alive and Well [add]
04. Stray Cat Blues [add]
05. Walking by Myself [add]
06. I'll Drown in My Tears [add]
07. Dallas [add]
08. Rollin' 'Cross the Country [Album Version] [add]
09. Riot in Cell Block #9 [add]
10. Thirty Days [add]
11. Rollin' & Tumblin' [add]
12. Messin' with the Kid [add]

Rockin Bluesman (2006) 01. Going Down Slow [add]
02. Leavin' Blues [add]
03. Kind Hearted Woman [add]
04. Low Down Gal of Mine [add]
05. Avacado Green [add]
06. Thirty-Two, Twenty Blues [add]
07. Look Up [add]
08. Prodigal Son [add]
09. Out on a Limb [add]
10. Parchman Farm [add]
11. Out of Sight [add]
12. Bad News [add]
13. Stranger Blues [add]
14. Let the Music Play [add]
15. Self Destruction Blues [add]
16. Raised on Rock [add]
17. Rock & Roll People [add]
18. Golden Days of Rock & Roll [add]
19. Hoochie Koo [*] [add]

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