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The Tubes lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Tubes (1975) 01. Up from the Deep [add]
02. Haloes lyrics
03. Space Baby lyrics
04. Malague?a Salerosa [add]
05. Mondo Bondage lyrics
06. What Do You Want from Life? [add]
07. Boy Crazy lyrics
08. White Punks on Dope [add]

Young & Rich (1976) 01. Tubes World Tour lyrics
02. Brighter Day lyrics
03. Pimp lyrics
04. Stand up and Shout [add]
05. Don't Touch Me There lyrics
06. Slipped My Disco lyrics
07. Proud to Be an American [add]
08. Poland Whole/Madam I'm Adam lyrics
09. Young and Rich [add]

Now (1977) 01. Smoke (La Vie en Fum?r) [add]
02. Hit Parade [add]
03. Strung Out on Strings [add]
04. Golden Boy [add]
05. My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains [add]
06. God-Bird-Change [add]
07. I'm Just a Mess [add]
08. Cathy's Clone [add]
09. This Town [add]
10. Pound of Flesh [add]
11. You're No Fun [add]

What Do You Want from Live (1978) 01. Overture: Up from the Deep/Young and Rich/Madam I'm Adam/Mondo Bondage [add]
02. Got Yourself a Deal [add]
03. Show Me a Reason [add]
04. What Do You Want from Life? [add]
05. God-Bird-Change [add]
06. Special Ballet [add]
07. Don't Touch Me There lyrics
08. Mondo Bondage lyrics
09. Smoke (La Vie en Fumer) [La Vie En Fumer] [add]
10. Crime Medley: Sound Effect-Siren/Theme from "Dragnet"/Theme from ... [add]
11. I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk [add]
12. I Saw Her Standing There [add]
13. Drum Solo [add]
14. Boy Crazy lyrics
15. You're No Fun [add]
16. Stand up and Shout [add]
17. White Punks on Dope [add]

Remote Control (1979) 01. Turn Me On lyrics
02. TV Is King [add]
03. Prime Time lyrics
04. I Want It All Now lyrics
05. No Way Out lyrics
06. Getoverture [add]
07. No Mercy lyrics
08. Only the Strong Survive [add]
09. Be Mine Tonight lyrics
10. Love's a Mystery (I Don't Understand) [add]
11. Telecide lyrics

The Completion Backward Principle (1981) 01. Talk to Ya Later [add]
02. Let's Make Some Noise [add]
03. Matter of Pride [add]
04. Mr. Hate [add]
05. Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman [add]
06. Think About Me [add]
07. Sushi Girl lyrics
08. Don't Want to Wait Anymore [add]
09. Power Tools [add]
10. Amnesia [add]

Outside Inside (1983) 01. She's a Beauty [add]
02. No Not Again lyrics
03. Out of the Business [add]
04. The Monkey Time lyrics
05. Glass House lyrics
06. Wild Women of Wongo [add]
07. Tip of My Tongue [add]
08. Fantastic Delusion lyrics
09. Drums lyrics
10. Theme Park lyrics
11. Outside Lookin' Inside [add]

Love Bomb (1985) 01. Piece by Piece [add]
02. Stella lyrics
03. Come as You Are [add]
04. One Good Reason lyrics
05. Bora Bora 2000/Love Bomb [add]
06. Night People lyrics
07. Say Hey [add]
08. Eyes lyrics
09. Muscle Girls [add]
10. Theme From a Wooly Place [Wooly Bully/Theme from a Summer Place] [add]
11. For a Song [add]
12. Say Hey, Pt. 2 [add]
13. Feel It lyrics
14. Night People (Reprise) [add]

Genius of America (1996) 01. Genius of America [add]
02. Arms of the Enemy lyrics
03. Say What You Want lyrics
04. How Can You Live With Yourself [add]
05. Big Brother's Still Watching lyrics
06. After All You Said lyrics
07. Fishhouse lyrics
08. Fastest Gun Alive lyrics
09. I Never Saw It Comin' lyrics
10. Who Names the Hurricanes [add]
11. It's Too Late [add]
12. Around the World [add]

Informercial: How to Become (2000) 01. Completion Backwards Overture [add]
02. A Matter of Pride [add]
03. Think About Me [add]
04. Amnesia [add]
05. Mr. Hate [add]
06. Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman [add]
07. Smoke (La Vie en Fumer) [add]
08. Mondo Bondage lyrics
09. Don't Want to Wait Anymore [add]
10. Sushi Girl lyrics
11. Talk to Ya Later [add]
12. Let's Make Some Noise [add]
13. Weebee Dance [add]
14. White Punks on Dope [add]

Tubes World Tour 2001 [live] (2000) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Tubes World Tour lyrics
03. She's a Beauty [add]
04. Digi-Doll [add]
05. TV Is King [add]
06. Don't Touch Me There lyrics
07. Tip of My Tongue [add]
08. Loveline [add]
09. Wild Women of Wongo [add]
10. Mondo Bondage lyrics
11. White Punks on Dope [add]
12. Talk to Ya Later [add]

Wild in London [live] (2005) 01. Overture [add]
02. She's a Beauty [add]
03. Don't Touch Me There lyrics
04. Malaguena Salarosa [add]
05. Russell Chaps (Intro) [add]
06. Tip of My Tongue [add]
07. Don't Want to Wait Anymore [add]
08. TV Is King [add]
09. No Way Out lyrics
10. Let There Be Drums [add]
11. White Punks on Dope [add]
12. Mondo Bondage lyrics
13. Haloes lyrics
14. Talk to Ya Later [add]

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