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Some Monastery lyrics
Genre: Rock
Welcome To The Symmetry (0000) 01. Some Painting [add]
02. Thin Strips of Paper [add]
03. Welcome to the Symmetry [add]
04. Lazy Polymer [add]
05. Monsoon Season [add]
06. Give Me Props for All the Bad Jokes [add]
07. The Flow Don't Stop [add]
08. Suitable Synonym [add]
09. We Had a Heart-To-Heart [add]
10. Walter's Mess [add]

Origami (0000) 01. Then It Suits You [add]
02. The Same Stairs [add]
03. Reverse Cowboy [add]
04. Both Times [add]
05. Origami [add]
06. I Am Not Flattered [add]
07. A Pupil's Delight [add]
08. Kings and Queens [add]
09. So Good [add]
10. The Dust Bowl [add]

Livelihood (0000) 01. Around the Campfire [add]
02. You Brittle Bird [add]
03. A Settled Town [add]
04. A Couple of Kids [add]
05. A Little Comedic [add]
06. Every Enemy I've Had [add]
07. Haiku Cloth [add]
08. Savior Child [add]
09. You Got Soft [add]
10. Livelihood [add]
11. Referring to Negativity [add]

I Have Flown on Several Occasions (0000) 01. One Who'd Always Been Big on Birthdays [add]
02. Do You Shout to Detonate or Thrive [add]
03. When You're With Your Friends You Can See [add]
04. I Have Flown on Several Occasions [add]
05. I Don't Mind But I Feel Like I've Lost the Upper Hand [add]
06. On Most Surfaces That Have Been Frequented [add]
07. Convalescent Home [add]
08. A Tiny Girl [add]
09. Almost Guided [add]
10. Hard Workers [add]

I Have Not Laughed in Over a Fornight (0000) 01. I've Seen Nosedives Before [add]
02. This Is My Time [add]
03. It's Time to Look To [add]
04. My Fears Are in the Open Now [add]
05. I Haven't Laughed in Over a Fortnight [add]
06. Even in My Prayers [add]
07. Do You Think I Don't Know I'm a Wreck? [add]
08. We Would Go So Lightly [add]
09. On My Existence [add]
10. I'll Find Another Ride Home [add]

Ushered into the Vestibule (0000) 01. It's You Who's Got the Ethics [add]
02. Missing Your Empire [add]
03. To Fight and Howl Like You're Nothing [add]
04. Ushered into the Vestibule [add]
05. You're a Runner But I'm No Quicker [add]
06. The 1930's Were Pretty Gory [add]
07. The Sheets Billow Quite Quickly [add]
08. A Lot of Temples to Choose From [add]
09. I'll Bet You Were Closer Than Near [add]
10. Weaker Brother, Weaker Brother [add]

Plagiarism et Al (0000) 01. I Can't Get No Satisfaction [add]
02. Whenever I Breathe Out, You Breathe In [add]
03. Chopsticks [add]
04. Here [add]
05. Interstate 8 [add]
06. Karate [add]
07. Peking Saint [add]
08. Piglet [add]
09. The Sun Highlights the Lack in Each [add]
10. Bankrupt on Selling [add]
11. Colors & The Kids [add]

Weather or Not (2002) 01. Nothing Special [add]
02. Famine [add]
03. Every Daughter Wants [add]
04. Alaska [add]
05. Subtle Wings [add]
06. Piece of the Peace [add]
07. Soft Ranger [add]
08. Little Knees [add]
09. Victoria [add]
10. Scripture, Through Her [add]
11. Said Leather Trunk [add]
12. Urchins [add]
13. Birch Trees [add]

Poorly Planned Escape Routes (2005) 01. At Least Fifty [add]
02. Queen of Violence [add]
03. Make Me an Offering [add]
04. You've Seen Me Raw [add]
05. A Generous Emergency [add]
06. If Formailty Had a Child [add]
07. Blood That Is Burgandy [add]
08. Sparks Were Flying Through [add]
09. You Can Feel the Schizophrenics [add]
10. Poorly Planned Escape Routes [add]
11. Into Your Palms [add]
12. Residually Avid About Things [add]
13. Mystery Novella [add]
14. Kid of Around [add]
15. I Hope He Does [add]

Machete Wounds (2005) 01. In the Infirmary [add]
02. Friend of the Family [add]
03. Bottomless Pit [add]
04. Tens of Thousands of Times [add]
05. Machete Wounds [add]
06. Exclamation Marks [add]
07. Stab At [add]
08. More Heroes Please [add]
09. Merciless Village [add]
10. Battleship Replacement [add]
11. Troubles Come [add]
12. Cite It, Take Aim [add]
13. You Annoyed Me Back There a Bit [add]

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