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Genre: Rock
Too Fast for Love (1981) 01. Live Wire [add]
02. Come on and Dance [add]
03. Public Enemy #1 [add]
04. Merry-Go-Round [add]
05. Take Me to the Top [add]
06. Piece of Your Action [add]
07. Starry Eyes [add]
08. Too Fast for Love [add]
09. On With the Show [add]
10. Toast of the Town [#/*] [add]
11. Tonight (We Need a Lover) [#/*] [add]
12. Too Fast for Love [alternate take/*] [add]
13. Stick to Your Guns [#/*] [add]

Shout at the Devil (1983) 01. In the Beginning [add]
02. Shout at the Devil [add]
03. Looks That Kill [add]
04. Bastard [add]
05. God Bless the Children of the Beast [add]
06. Helter Skelter [add]
07. Red Hot [add]
08. Too Young to Fall in Love [add]
09. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid [add]
10. Ten Seconds to Love [add]
11. Danger [add]
12. Shout at the Devil [*/demo version] [add]
13. Looks That Kill [*/demo version] [add]
14. Hotter Than Hell [*/demo version] [add]
15. I Will Survive [#/*] [add]

Theatre of Pain (1985) 01. City Boy Blues [add]
02. Smokin' in the Boys' Room [add]
03. Louder Than Hell [add]
04. Keep Your Eye on the Money [add]
05. Home Sweet Home [add]
06. Tonight (We Need a Lover) [add]
07. Use It or Lose It [add]
08. Save Our Souls [add]
09. Raise Your Hands to Rock [add]
10. Fight for Your Rights [add]
11. Home Sweet Home [*/demo version] [add]
12. Smokin' in the Boys' Room [alternate take/*] [add]
13. City Boy Blues [*/demo version] [add]
14. Home Sweet Home [*/instrumental] [add]
15. Keep Your Eye on the Money [*/demo version] [add]

Girls, Girls, Girls (1987) 01. Wild Side [add]
02. Girls, Girls, Girls [add]
03. Dancing on Glass [add]
04. Bad Boy Boogie [add]
05. Nona [add]
06. Five Years Dead [add]
07. All in the Name of... [add]
08. Sumthin' for Nuthin' [add]
09. You're All I Need [add]
10. Jailhouse Rock [live] [add]
11. Girls, Girls, Girls ... [*] [add]
12. Wild Side [*/instrumental] [add]
13. Rodeo [#/*] [add]
14. Nona [*/instrumental/demo version] [add]

Dr. Feelgood (1989) 01. T. N. T. (Terror 'N Tinseltown) [add]
02. Dr. Feelgood [add]
03. Slice of Your Pie [add]
04. Rattlesnake Shake [add]
05. Kickstart My Heart [add]
06. Without You [add]
07. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) [add]
08. Sticky Sweet [add]
09. She Goes Down [add]
10. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) [add]
11. Time for Change [add]
12. Dr. Feelgood [*/demo version] [add]
13. Without You [*/demo version] [add]
14. Kickstart My Heart [*/demo version] [add]
15. Get It for Free [#/*] [add]

M?tley Cr?e (1994) 01. Power to the Music [add]
02. Uncle Jack [add]
03. Hooligan's Holiday [add]
04. Misunderstood [add]
05. Love Shine [add]
06. Poison Apples [add]
07. Hammered [add]
08. Til Death Do Us Part [add]
09. Welcome to the Numb [add]
10. Smoke the Sky [add]
11. Droppin Like Flies [add]
12. Driftaway [add]
13. Hypnotized [#/*] [add]
14. Babykills [*] [add]
15. Livin' in the Know [#/*] [add]

Generation Swine (1997) 01. Find Myself [add]
02. Afraid [add]
03. Flush [add]
04. Generation Swine [add]
05. Confessions [add]
06. Beauty [add]
07. Glitter [add]
08. Anybody Out There [add]
09. Let Us Prey [add]
10. Rocketship [add]
11. A Rat Like Me [add]
12. Shout at the Devil '97 [add]
13. Brandon [add]
14. Afraid [Swine Mix/Jimbo Mix] [add]
15. Wreck Me [#] [add]
16. Kiss the Sky [#] [add]
17. Rocketship [Early Demo] [add]

Live: Entertainment or Death (1999) 01. Looks That Kill [add]
02. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid [add]
03. Too Young to Fall in Love [add]
04. Live Wire [add]
05. Public Enemy #1 [add]
06. Shout at the Devil [add]
07. Merry-Go-Round [add]
08. Ten Seconds to Love [add]
09. Piece of Your Action [add]
10. Starry Eyes [add]
11. Helter Skelter [add]
12. Smokin' in the Boys' Room [add]
13. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) [add]
14. Wild Side [add]
15. Girls, Girls, Girls [add]
16. Dr. Feelgood [add]
17. Without You [add]
18. Primal Scream [add]
19. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) [add]
20. Home Sweet Home [add]
21. Kickstart My Heart [Video] [add]
22. Wild Side [multimedia track] [add]

New Tattoo (2000) 01. Hell on High Heels [add]
02. Treat Me Like the Dog I Am [add]
03. New Tattoo [add]
04. Dragstrip Superstar [add]
05. 1st Band on the Moon [add]
06. She Needs Rock & Roll [add]
07. Punched in the Teeth by Love [add]
08. Hollywood Ending [add]
09. Fake [add]
10. Porno Star [add]
11. White Punks on Dope [add]

Carnival of Sins: Live (2006) 01. Shout at the Devil [add]
02. Too Fast for Love [add]
03. Ten Seconds to Love [add]
04. Red Hot [add]
05. On with the Show [add]
06. Too Young to Fall in Love [add]
07. Looks That Kill [add]
08. Louder Than Hell [add]
09. Live Wire [add]
10. Girls, Girls Girls [add]
11. Wild Side [add]
12. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) [add]
13. Primal Scream [add]
14. Glitter [add]
15. Without You [add]
16. Home Sweet Home [add]
17. Dr. Feelgood [add]
18. Same Ol' Situation [add]
19. Sick Love Song [add]
20. If I Die Tomorrow [add]
21. Kickstart My Heart [add]
22. Helter Skelter [add]
23. Anarchy in the U.K. [add]

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