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Genre: Rock
Share Your Song (0000) 01. I Like to Read [add]
02. Peanut Butter [add]
03. Seasons [add]
04. The Farm Song [add]
05. In the Audience [add]
06. Water in the Air [add]
07. I Will Make My Mark [add]
08. One Golden Sun [add]
09. Milkshake Mama [add]
10. Rainforest [add]
11. Stand Up [add]
12. Share the Light [add]
13. Ship of Dreams [add]
14. May the Season [add]

All Around the World (1995) 01. Good Morning [add]
02. All Around the World [add]
03. Sunshine [add]
04. Sunday Gumbo [add]
05. Every Needs to Get Along [add]
06. Everybody Jump [add]
07. Family Is a Family [add]
08. One Star [add]
09. Teddy the Bear [add]
10. Spirit of Us All [add]
11. Doctor, Doctor [add]
12. Kids Are the Future [add]

Blue Sky City (1999) 01. We All Get Up [add]
02. Just a Little [add]
03. Eemo Imo [add]
04. Blue Sky City [add]
05. I Think My Computer's in Love [add]
06. Lullaby for Amy [add]
07. I'm a Winner [add]
08. Touch Me, Touch Me Not [add]
09. Pick It All Up [add]
10. One Candle [add]
11. Kids Like to Boogie Too [add]
12. Adios [add]

Daddy's Lullabies (2007) 01. Rock the Cradle [add]
02. Wynken, Blynken and Nod [add]
03. Mr. Sunshine [add]
04. Ship of Dreams [add]
05. Little Bitty Fingers [add]
06. Sunday with You [add]
07. Hush Little Baby [add]
08. Close Your Eyes [add]
09. Bye 'N Bye [add]
10. Jan's Song [add]
11. Baby Blues [add]
12. Lullaby for Scott [add]
13. Calypso Baby [add]
14. Amy's Lullaby [add]
15. Forever Young [add]

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