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Quinn W. Shagbark lyrics
Genre: Rock
Life in a Bucket (2001) 01. Life in a Bucket [add]
02. Mom Left Dad When the Dead Went Dig (Ital) [add]
03. Lefty Accent [add]
04. Welcome Waggin [add]
05. A Nuther Day [add]
06. What's the Matter, Agnes? [add]
07. Twilight Exhaust [add]
08. Farms Made of Stone [add]
09. Headroom (The Adverse Effects of Raising the Roof) [add]
10. Someone Used to Live Here [add]

Propane Summer (2002) 01. Truth & Nail [add]
02. Breakfast at Texaco [add]
03. Dear Naomi [add]
04. Seams at Weigh [add]
05. Why Do We Live Here? [add]
06. Propane Summer [add]
07. Underwater Crime [add]
08. I'll Be the Canary in Your Coal Mine [add]

More Shit from the Bogus Captain (2004) 01. Forgot the Milk [add]
02. Alligator Hearts [add]
03. This Never Happened to Clyde [add]
04. Mistaken Front Porch Disease [add]
05. Kane, PA [add]
06. Oeo Bleus [add]
07. Busted a Custom [add]
08. Omigodwereallgonnadie (A Love Song) [add]
09. Needle in the Fire [add]
10. Rooms We Wouldn't Leave [add]

I'll Shoot You Ace I Swear to God (2005) 01. Blankets [add]
02. Things We Buried [add]
03. A Picture of Another Thing [add]
04. Roadside Attraction [add]
05. Yardsale [add]
06. Indian Bones [add]
07. You Have Died of Dysentery [add]
08. I Want to Party on Your Balcony [add]
09. Plasterglass [add]
10. Grunge Is Dead But Gordy Still Hates Himself [add]
11. Bloody Noses [add]

Sleeping with Nunchucks (2007) 01. We've Been Holding Our Breath Since Before There Was Air [add]
02. Black on Blonde [add]
03. Where Do We Go from Here? [add]
04. Terrified [add]
05. Leave It to Me [add]
06. Living on the Edge This Ain't [add]
07. Sleeping with Nunchucks [add]
08. They Took My Drums Away [add]
09. Really Bad on Purpose [add]
10. Unalone [add]
11. Slothrup's Army [add]
12. Do You Really Want to Do This? [add]
13. Smoke the Rest Tomorrow [add]

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