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Sinner lyrics
Genre: Rock
Respect (1995) 01. Respect [add]
02. Things Get Started [add]
03. Billy's Song [add]
04. Fire in the Dark [add]
05. Modern World [add]
06. All for One [add]
07. Knife in My Heart [add]
08. Don't Let This Dream Die Young [add]
09. Believer [add]
10. Little Victory [add]
11. Shattered Dreams [add]
12. What's So Bad About Feeling Good [add]

Nature of Evil (1998) 01. Devil's River lyrics
02. A Question of Honour [add]
03. Justice from Hell [add]
04. The Nature of Evil [add]
05. Some Truth (Has Better Left Unknow) [add]
06. Dark Soul [add]
07. Faith & Conviction [add]
08. Rising lyrics
09. Walk on the Darkside [add]
10. Trust No One lyrics
11. The Sun Goes Down lyrics

Judgement Day (1998) 01. Used to the Truth [add]
02. Troublemaker lyrics
03. Jump the Gun [add]
04. Judgement Day lyrics
05. Pray for Mercy [add]
06. White Lightning lyrics
07. Blue Tattoo lyrics
08. School of Hard Knocks [add]
09. The Fugitive lyrics
10. Deathwalker lyrics
11. Streets of Sin [add]

Second Decade (1999) 01. The Second Decade [add]
02. Jump the Gun [add]
03. When Silence Falls [add]
04. Devil's River lyrics
05. Used to the Truth [*] [add]
06. Question of Honour [add]
07. The Truth Is Out There [add]
08. Balls to the Wall [add]
09. Judgement Day lyrics
10. The Biggest Lie [add]
11. Streets of Sin [add]
12. Rage of Hurricane [add]
13. The Nature of Evil [add]
14. Born to Rock [add]
15. Respect [add]

The End of Sanctuary (2000) 01. Signed, Sealed and Delivered [add]
02. Blood Relations lyrics
03. The End of Sanctuary [add]
04. Pain in Your Neck [add]
05. Edge of the Blade [add]
06. The Prophecy lyrics
07. Detsiny [add]
08. Bongress of Deceit [add]
09. Heavy Duty lyrics
10. Night of the Wolf [add]
11. Broken World lyrics
12. Hand of the Saint [add]

There Will Be Execution (2003) 01. Higher Level of Violence [add]
02. There Will Be Execution lyrics
03. Requiem for a Sinner [add]
04. Die on Command [add]
05. Finalizer lyrics
06. Locked and Loaded [add]
07. God Raises the Dead [add]
08. The River lyrics
09. Liberty of Death [add]
10. Black Monday (Thou Does Frighten Me in Dreams) [add]
11. Crown of Thorns [add]
12. Wherever I May Roam [*] [add]
13. Troublemaker [*] [add]
14. Roses of Yesterday [*] [add]

Mask of Sanity (2007) 01. The Other Side [add]
02. Diary of Evil [add]
03. Badlands [add]
04. Black [add]
05. Thunder Roar [add]
06. The Sign [add]
07. Revenge [add]
08. Under the Gun [add]
09. Can't Stand the Heat [add]
10. No Return [add]
11. Last Man Standing [add]
12. Baby Please Don' Go [*] [add]

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