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Roger Lasley lyrics
Genre: Folk
Duck and Let the Wave Go By (2001) 01. Wind in the Field [add]
02. Black and Tan [add]
03. Dinner in the Ground [add]
04. Dance of the Snowflakes [add]
05. Landscape With Children [add]
06. Combat Waltzing [add]
07. Raining Gravel [add]
08. Duck and Let the Wave Go By [add]
09. Trying on Shoes [add]
10. Things to Do Today [add]
11. St. Anne's Reel [add]
12. Kickin' Cats [add]
13. Coffee Break [add]
14. 34th Cavalry [add]
15. Bill Cheatham [add]
16. Freddy in the Congo [add]

Unpainted, Unfinished, Unstained (2003) 01. Familiar Ground [add]
02. Red Letter Day [add]
03. Spring Skip [add]
04. 'Tis a Pity Youth Won't Last (Race With the Devil) [add]
05. Heavy Lids [add]
06. You Don't Buy the Bit, You Buy the Hole [add]
07. Unpainted, Unfinished, Unstained [add]
08. Country Calypso [add]
09. Walking West [add]
10. You Don't Say! [add]
11. The Tattered Coat [add]
12. Way Back Before Jesus [add]
13. Patterson's Pond [add]
14. Ash Tree/Minstrel Boy [add]
15. Thy Lust Hath Bounds and Leaps [add]
16. Chazy Landing [add]

Dinner on the Ground (2003) 01. Murphy in the Corn [add]
02. The Student [add]
03. Dinner on the Ground [add]
04. Sidestep [add]
05. Bride's Train [add]
06. Creative Woodburning [add]
07. Black Mountain Rag [add]
08. Himself [add]
09. Fool's Gold [add]
10. Jerusalem Ridge [add]
11. Changing Channels [add]
12. Bystander's Waltz [add]
13. Blackberry Blossom [add]
14. Virgin in a Bathtub [add]
15. Guitar Bounce [add]

What Cheer Road (2003) 01. Skunk River Waltz [add]
02. Blacktop Getaway [add]
03. Bird in the Hand [add]
04. That Manicured Look [add]
05. Oak Grove Waltz [add]
06. Brown's Ferry Blues [add]
07. In My House Dust Is a Noun [add]
08. Caffeine Bounce [add]
09. Flatpick Farmer [add]
10. Leave a Roll Behind [add]
11. What Cheer Road [add]
12. Temperance Reel [add]
13. Air for Guitar [add]
14. Frankie and Johnny [add]
15. Malaguena [add]
16. Jackhammer Blossom [add]

Walking Backwards (2003) 01. Flattop Boogie [add]
02. The Longest Zipper [add]
03. It Takes Nine Tailors to Make a Man [add]
04. Walking Backwards [add]
05. Crumbling Protest [add]
06. Beaumont Rag [add]
07. A Hole in the Traffic [add]
08. In a Mood [add]
09. Listen to the Mockingbird [add]
10. Lazybones [add]
11. Banks of Clay [add]
12. Banish All Regret [add]
13. Once I Was Wealthy [add]
14. Don't Fret Rag [add]
15. Plaid Boy [add]
16. Standing on Sand [add]
17. Pillow Talk [add]
18. Turkey in the Straw/Big Sandy River [add]

Another Fall (2004) 01. Mountain Highway [add]
02. Essence of Dog [add]
03. Another Fall [add]
04. Martin House [add]
05. Amazing Haste [add]
06. Bully of the Town [add]
07. Hanging Out [add]
08. Fresh Ground [add]
09. Friends, Tried and True [add]
10. Roadability [add]
11. Fill Up the Tub [add]
12. Under the Rug With It [add]
13. Dagnabit [add]
14. Franklin County Waltz [add]
15. Hang on Tight [add]
16. Jumping the Strings [add]

Adobe (2005) 01. Adobe [add]
02. On Down Country [add]
03. Let the Weeds Grow [add]
04. Count Your Blessings [add]
05. One Nail at a Time [add]
06. Yellow Corn Sledgehammer [add]
07. Cowboys on My Curtains [add]
08. Dinner's an Hour Late [add]
09. Traveller's Joy [add]
10. Special Delivery [add]
11. Mowing the Hedge [add]
12. Bent Wood [add]
13. House of Sounds [add]
14. Soper's Hill [add]
15. Old Dance Card [add]
16. Crew Cut [add]
17. Song of the Falling Dutchman [add]

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