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Robert Berry lyrics
Genre: Rock
Back to Back (1985) 01. Louie [add]
02. Between the Lies [add]
03. Eleanor Rigby [add]
04. The Man in Me [add]
05. Could Have Started Over [add]
06. You Can't Do That [add]
07. Middle of the Night [add]
08. C'mon Everybody [add]
09. Life the Game [add]
10. Alright [add]
11. Subway [add]

Pilgrimage to a Point (1992) 01. No One Else to Blame [add]
02. You've Changed [add]
03. Shelter [add]
04. Another Man [add]
05. The Love We Share [add]
06. Tomorow/Freedom [add]
07. The Otherside [add]
08. Last Ride into the Sun [add]

In These Eyes (1995) 01. Second Chance [add]
02. Heartache [add]
03. The Weapon [add]
04. In These Eyes [add]
05. The Otherside [add]
06. Right or Wrong [add]
07. Dirty World [add]
08. Private Lives [add]
09. You Ain't Got Me [add]
10. Freedom Fools [add]
11. Tender Touch [add]
12. Roller Coaster [add]

Takin' It Back (1996) 01. Takin' It Back [add]
02. Somebody's Watchin' [add]
03. Young Blood [add]
04. You Do or You Don't [add]
05. Hold On [add]
06. Second Chance [add]
07. Let's Start Living [add]
08. Tomorrow [add]
09. Run to You [add]
10. Lightning Strikes [add]
11. Heartache [add]
12. Last Ride into the Sun [add]

A Soundtrack for the Wheel of Time (2001) 01. A Theme for the Wheel of Time [add]
02. Return to Emonds Fields [add]
03. Song for Moiraine [add]
04. Traveling the Ways [add]
05. Spears and Buckler [add]
06. Dream Walker [add]
07. The Knowledge of the Wise Ones [add]
08. The Winespring Reel [add]
09. The Halls of Tar Valon [add]
10. Search for the Black Ajah [add]
11. Ladies of the Tower [add]
12. The Game of Houses [add]
13. Voyage of the Sea Folk [add]
14. Heart of the Wolf [add]
15. Journey Through the Waste [add]
16. Lan the Warder [add]
17. March of the Trollocs [add]
18. Rand's Theme (Fanfare for the Dragon Reborn) [add]
19. The Aiel Approach (Dahl of a Chant) [add]

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