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Wet Willie lyrics
Genre: Rock
Wet Willie (1971) 01. Have a Good Time [add]
02. Dirty Leg [add]
03. Faded Love [add]
04. Spinning Round [add]
05. Low Rider [add]
06. Rock & Roll Band [add]
07. Pieces [add]
08. Shame, Shame, Shame [add]
09. Beggar Song [add]
10. Fool on You [add]

Wet Willie II (1972) 01. Shout Bamalama [add]
02. Love Made Me [add]
03. Red Hot Chicken [add]
04. It Hurts Me Too [add]
05. Keep a Knockin' [add]
06. Airport lyrics
07. Grits Ain't Groceries [add]
08. Shotgun Man [add]
09. Shaggi's Song [add]

Drippin' Wet [live] (1973) 01. That's All Right [add]
02. She Caught the Katy (And Left Me a Mule to Ride) [add]
03. No Good Woman Blues [add]
04. Red Hot Chicken [add]
05. Airport lyrics
06. I'd Rather Be Blind [add]
07. Macon Hambone Blues [add]
08. Shout Bamalama [add]

Keep on Smilin' (1974) 01. Country Side of Life [add]
02. Keep on Smilin' [add]
03. Trust in the Lord [add]
04. Soul Sister [add]
05. Alabama [add]
06. Lucy Was in Trouble [add]
07. Soul Jones [add]
08. Don't Wait Too Long [add]
09. Spanish Moss [add]
10. In Our Hearts [add]

Dixie Rock (1975) 01. She's My Lady [add]
02. Ain't He a Mess [add]
03. Dixie Rock [add]
04. Poor Judge of Character [add]
05. Mama Didn't Raise No Fools [add]
06. It's Gonna Stop Rainin' Soon [add]
07. Jailhouse Moan [add]
08. He Set Me Free [add]
09. Leona [add]
10. Take It to the Music [add]

The Wetter the Better (1976) 01. No No No [add]
02. Teaser [add]
03. Baby Fat [add]
04. Ring You Up [add]
05. Comic Book Hero [add]
06. Walkin' by Myself [add]
07. Everything That 'Cha Do (Will Come Back to You) [add]
08. Everybody's Stoned [add]

Left Coast Live (1977) 01. Shame, Shame, Shame [#] [add]
02. Baby Fat [#] [add]
03. Grits Ain't Groceries [add]
04. Everything That 'Cha Do (Will Come Back to You) [add]
05. Teaser [add]
06. Jelly, Jelly [#] [add]
07. Country Side of Life [#] [add]
08. Ring You Up [#] [add]
09. Lucy Was in Trouble [add]
10. Keep on Smilin' [add]
11. No No No [add]

Manorisms (1978) 01. Rainman [add]
02. Make You Feel Love Again [add]
03. So Blue [add]
04. We Got Lovin' [add]
05. Don't Turn Me Away [add]
06. Street Corner Serenade lyrics
07. One Track Mind [add]
08. How 'Bout You [add]
09. Doin' All the Right Things (The Wrong Way) [add]
10. Let It Shine [add]

Which One's Willie? (1979) 01. Ramona [add]
02. Stop and Take a Look (At What You've Been Doing)/Don't Let the ... [add]
03. Weekend lyrics
04. Smoke [add]
05. The Hard Way [add]
06. Tired Dreams [add]
07. This Time [add]
08. Mr. Streamline [add]
09. You Don't Know What You Mean to Me [add]

High Humidity [live] (2004) 01. Mind Over Matter [add]
02. She Caught the Katy [add]
03. Street Corner Serenade lyrics
04. Easy Street [add]
05. Everything That 'Cha Do [add]
06. Babyfat [add]
07. Countryside of Life [add]
08. Leona [add]
09. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby [add]
10. Grits Ain't Groceries [add]
11. Keep On Smiling lyrics
12. Shout Bamalama [add]

Playing Live Tonight: The Wet Willie Band (2006) 01. Keep on Smilin' [add]
02. Street Corner Serenade lyrics
03. Everything That 'Cha Do (Will Come Back to You) [add]
04. Country Side of Life [add]
05. Leona [add]
06. She Caught the Katy [add]
07. Baby Fat [add]
08. Easy Street [add]
09. Grits Ain't Groceries [add]
10. Shout Bamalama [add]

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