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The Dirty Projectors lyrics
Genre: Rock
Morning Better Last! (2003) 01. The Softer Shell [add]
02. Brother Had a Birthday [add]
03. The Enterprising Catalyst [add]
04. Grandfather's Jacket [add]
05. After Santa Monica [add]
06. Ghanabama [add]
07. Further on Down the Strip [add]
08. Katydids Calling [add]
09. Twenty-Foot Stalks (Exit 14) [add]
10. We Could Cling [add]
11. The Love-Prayer Book [add]
12. To Give It Weight (Then He Gave It Cartilage) [add]
13. Here Comes the Summer King [add]
14. Her Freezing and Thawings [add]
15. Hildegarde vs. Beach Boys [add]
16. We Two Feared the Storm [add]
17. How Does My Mind Work? [add]
18. I Am Going to See It [add]
19. Fake Folks [add]
20. D and the Disordered Sprawl [add]
21. Like Once Heated Milk [add]
22. O! You Hungering Infants [add]
23. Morning Had Better Last! [add]

The Glad Fact (2003) 01. The Glad Fact [add]
02. My Offwhite Flag [add]
03. Like Fake Blood in Crisp October [add]
04. Boredom Is a Project [add]
05. Two Brown Finches [add]
06. Three Brown Finches [add]
07. Off Science Hill [add]
08. Winter Is Here [add]
09. Ground Underfoot [add]
10. Spirit-Future Medley [add]
11. Naked We Made It [add]
12. Lit from Below [add]
13. Imaginary Love [add]
14. The Highway Is a Foggy Knife [add]
15. The Minutes [add]

Slaves' Graves & Ballads (2004) 01. Somberly, Kimberly [add]
02. On the Beach [add]
03. (Throw On) The Hazard Lights [add]
04. Slaves' Graves [add]
05. Grandfather's Hanging [add]
06. We Are Swaddled [add]
07. Hazard Lights (Reprise) [add]
08. A Labor More Restful [add]
09. Unmoved [add]
10. Ladies, You Have Exiled Me [add]
11. Because Your Light Is Turning Green [add]
12. Obscure Wisdom [add]
13. This Weather [add]
14. Since I Opened [add]

The Getty Address (2005) 01. I Sit on the Ridge at Dusk [add]
02. But in the Headlights [add]
03. Warholian Wigs [add]
04. I Will Truck [add]
05. D. Henley's Dream [add]
06. Gilt Gold Scabs [add]
07. Ponds & Puddles [add]
08. Not Having Found [add]
09. Tour Along the Potomac [add]
10. Jolly Jolly Jolly Ego [add]
11. Time Birthed Spilled Blood [add]
12. Drilling Profitably [add]
13. Finches' Song at Oceanic Parking Lot [add]

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