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Genre: Celtic
Hard Station (1983) 01. Crazy Dreams lyrics
02. The Road to the Promised Land [add]
03. Busted Loose [add]
04. Cold Cold Night [add]
05. Hard Station [add]
06. Dancer in the Fire [add]
07. Night Hunting Time [add]
08. Nothing But the Same Old Story [add]

Full Moon (1984) 01. Hard Station [add]
02. Not the Only One [add]
03. Take Me Away [add]
04. Busted Loose [add]
05. Dance the Romance [add]
06. Crazy Dreams lyrics
07. Helpless Heart [add]
08. Steel Claw [add]
09. Tootsies [add]

Back to the Centre (1986) 01. Walk the White Line [add]
02. Wheel of Heartbreak [add]
03. Deep in Your Heart [add]
04. To Be the One [add]
05. Follow On [add]
06. Soulbeat [add]
07. Airwaves [add]
08. The Island lyrics
09. The Holmes of Donegal [add]

True for You (1986) 01. The Great Pretender [add]
02. Let It Happen [add]
03. Helpless Heart [add]
04. Dance the Romance [add]
05. Steel Claw [add]
06. Take Me Away [add]
07. Not the Only One [add]
08. Interlude [add]
09. Trouble Around the Bend [add]

Primitive Dance (1987) 01. Steal Your Heart Away [add]
02. The Soul Commotion [add]
03. Paradise Is Here [add]
04. It's Gonna Work Out Fine [add]
05. The Awakening lyrics
06. Eat the Peach [add]
07. Don't Start Knocking [add]
08. Just in Case of Accidents [add]
09. The Game of Love [add]

Trick or Treat (1990) 01. Soul Child [add]
02. Blue World [add]
03. Nobody Knows [add]
04. Can't Stop Wanting You [add]
05. You and I [add]
06. Trick or Treat [add]
07. Don't Keep Pretending [add]
08. Solid Love [add]
09. Love Goes On [add]
10. Dreams Will Come [add]

Welcome Here Kind Stranger (1991) 01. Don't Come Again lyrics
02. I Am a Youth That's Inclined to Ramble [add]
03. Jackson and Jane [add]
04. The Lakes of Pentchartrain lyrics
05. The Creel lyrics
06. Out the Door and over the Wall [add]
07. Young Edmund in the Lowlands Low [add]
08. Boy on the Hilltop/Johnny Goin' to Ceilidh [add]
09. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore lyrics

Songs & Crazy Dreams (1992) 01. Paradise Is Here [add]
02. Dancer in the Fire [add]
03. Nothing But the Same Old Story [add]
04. Deep in Your Heart [add]
05. The Homes of Donegal [add]
06. Walk the White Line [add]
07. The Road to the Promised Land [add]
08. The Island lyrics
09. Steal Your Heart Away [add]
10. Follow On [add]
11. Helpless Heart [add]

Spirits Colliding (1995) 01. I Want You to Want Me [add]
02. Trust in You [add]
03. The World Is What You Make It [add]
04. Marriage Made in Hollywood [add]
05. Help Me to Believe [add]
06. You're the One [add]
07. I Will Be There [add]
08. After the Party's Over [add]
09. Just in Time [add]
10. Love Made a Promise [add]
11. Beautiful World [add]

Oh What a World (2001) 01. Sea of Love [add]
02. I Believe in Magic [add]
03. Love Hurts [add]
04. Oh What a World [add]
05. The Long Goodbye [add]
06. The Law of Love [add]
07. Believe in Me [add]
08. Good Love [add]
09. Travelin' Light [add]
10. Minutes Away , Miles Apart [add]
11. Try Me One More Time [add]

The Missing Liberty Tapes (2002) 01. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore lyrics
02. I Am a Youth That's Inclined to Ramble [add]
03. The Creel/Out the Door and Over the Wall [add]
04. The Jolly Soldier/The Blarney Pilgrim [add]
05. Mary and the Soldier [add]
06. Jackson and Jane [add]
07. Don't Come Again lyrics
08. The Lakes of Pontchartrain [add]
09. The Crooked Road to Dublin/The Bucks of Oranmore [add]
10. Arthur McBride and the Sergeant [add]

Say What You Feel (2005) 01. Smile [add]
02. Don't Try to Please Me [add]
03. Love in a Bubble [add]
04. I Only Want You [add]
05. Living for the Corporation [add]
06. Say What You Feel [add]
07. Locked Up in Heaven [add]
08. Sail, Sail On [add]
09. The You That's Really You [add]
10. Doin' It in the Dark [add]
11. Beyond the Reach of Love [add]
12. The Man I Used to Be [add]

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