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The Marshall Tucker Band lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Marshall Tucker Band (1973) 01. Take the Highway [add]
02. Can't You See [add]
03. Losing You [add]
04. Hillbilly Band [add]
05. See You Later, I'm Gone [add]
06. Ramblin' [add]
07. My Jesus Told Me So [add]
08. AB's Song [add]

A New Life (1974) 01. A New Life [add]
02. Southern Woman [add]
03. Blue Ridge Mountain Sky [add]
04. Too Stubborn [add]
05. Another Cruel Love [add]
06. You Ain't Foolin' Me [add]
07. 24 Hours at a Time [add]
08. Fly Eagle Fly [add]

Where We All Belong (1974) 01. This Ol' Cowboy [add]
02. Low Down Ways [add]
03. In My Own Way [add]
04. How Can I Slow Down [add]
05. Where a Country Boy Belongs [add]
06. Now She's Gone [add]
07. Try One More Time [add]
08. Ramblin' [add]
09. 24 Hours at a Time [add]
10. Everyday (I Have the Blues) [add]
11. Take the Highway [add]

Searchin' for a Rainbow (1975) 01. Fire on the Mountain [add]
02. Searchin' for a Rainbow [add]
03. Walkin' and Talkin' [add]
04. Virginia [add]
05. Bob Away My Blues [add]
06. Keeps Me from All Wrong [add]
07. Bound and Determined [add]
08. Can't You See [live] [add]

Long Hard Ride (1976) 01. Long Hard Ride [add]
02. Property Line [add]
03. Am I the Kind of Man [add]
04. Walkin' the Streets Alone [add]
05. Windy City Blues [add]
06. Holding on to You [add]
07. You Say You Love Me [add]
08. You Don't Live Forever [add]

Carolina Dreams (1977) 01. Fly Like an Eagle [add]
02. Heard It in a Love Song [add]
03. I Should Have Never Started Lovin' You [add]
04. Life in a Song [add]
05. Desert Skies [add]
06. Never Trust a Stranger [add]
07. Tell It to the Devil [add]

Together Forever (1978) 01. I'll Be Loving You [add]
02. Love Is a Mystery [add]
03. Singing Rhymes [add]
04. Dream Lover [add]
05. Everybody Needs Somebody [add]
06. Change Is Gonna Come [add]
07. Asking Too Much of You [add]

Running Like the Wind (1979) 01. Running Like the Wind [add]
02. Last of the Singing Cowboys [add]
03. Answer to Love [add]
04. Unto These Hills [add]
05. Melody Ann [add]
06. My Best Friend [add]
07. Pass It On [add]

Tenth (1980) 01. It Takes Time [add]
02. Without You [add]
03. See You One More Time [add]
04. Disillusion: [add]
05. Cattle Drive [add]
06. Gospel Singin' Man [add]
07. Save My Soul [add]
08. Sing My Blues [add]
09. Jimi [add]
10. Foolish Dreaming [add]

Dedicated (1981) 01. Rumors Are Raging [add]
02. Tonight's the Night (For Making Love) [add]
03. Love Some [add]
04. Silverado [add]
05. Something's Missing in My Life [add]
06. This Time I Believe [add]
07. Tell the Blues to Take Off the Night [add]
08. Special Someone [add]
09. The Time Has Come [add]
10. Ride in Peace [add]

Tuckerized (1981) 01. Reachin' for a Little Bit More [add]
02. If You Think You're Hurtin' Me (Girl You're Crazy) [add]
03. Even a Fool Would Let Go [add]
04. Sea, Dreams & Fairytales [add]
05. Anyway the Wind Blows Rider [add]
06. Mr. President [add]
07. Heartbroke [add]
08. Unforgiven [add]
09. Sweet Elaine [add]
10. Ace High Love [add]

Greetings from South Carolina (1983) 01. Carolina Sunset [add]
02. Good 'Ole Hurtin' Song [add]
03. If I Could Only Have My Way [add]
04. I May Be Easy But You Make It Hard lyrics
05. Closer to Jesus [add]
06. Blood Red Eagle [add]
07. Shot Down Where You Stand [add]
08. Feel a Drunk Comin' On [add]
09. Bags Half Packed [add]
10. Rollin' River [add]

Just Us (1983) 01. 8:05 [add]
02. Stay a Step Ahead [add]
03. Time Don't Pass by Here [add]
04. Testify [add]
05. Long Island Lady [add]
06. A Place I've Never Been [add]
07. Wait for You [add]
08. When Love Begins to Fade [add]
09. Paradise [add]

Still Holdin' On (1988) 01. Dancin' Shoes [add]
02. Keeping the Love Alive [add]
03. Once You Get the Feel of It [add]
04. Still Holdin' On [add]
05. Dangerous Road [add]
06. Hangin' Out in Smoky Places [add]
07. I'm Glad It's Gone [add]
08. Why Did You Lie? [add]
09. The Same Old Moon [add]
10. Why Didn't I Think of That [add]

Southern Spirit (1990) 01. Stay in the Country [add]
02. Destruction (Confessions of a Junkie) [add]
03. Ballad of M.T.B. [add]
04. Chase the Memory [add]
05. County Road [add]
06. Why Can't You Love Me [add]
07. Special Lady [add]
08. No Mercy [add]
09. Love Will [add]
10. And the Hills [add]
11. Modern Day Man [add]
12. Closer Today [add]

Still Smokin' (1992) 01. Frontline [add]
02. Two Hearts Fallen [add]
03. Tan Yard Road [add]
04. Full Moon Rising [add]
05. Carolina Party [add]
06. I Love You [add]
07. Can't Take It Anymore [add]
08. Driving You Out of My Mind [add]
09. Southern Spirit [add]
10. Let Me Come Home [add]

Walk Outside the Lines (1993) 01. Walk Outside the Lines [add]
02. Daddy's Eyes [add]
03. If That Isn't Love [add]
04. Down We Go [add]
05. She's Waiting [add]
06. Miss You [add]
07. Daddy Never Told Me [add]
08. I'll Be Alright With Out You [add]
09. The First One to Say Goodbye [add]
10. Lost in Time [add]

Country Tucker (1996) 01. Hillybilly Band [add]
02. This Ol' Cowboy [add]
03. Heard It in a Love Song [add]
04. Searchin' for a Rainbow [add]
05. See You Later, I'm Gone [add]
06. Desert Skies [add]
07. Long Hard Ride [add]
08. Fire on the Mountain [add]
09. Never Trust a Stranger [add]
10. Property Line [add]
11. Can't You See [add]
12. Blue Ridge Mountain Sky [add]

M.T. Blues (1997) 01. Ramblin' [live] [add]
02. Try One More Time [add]
03. Where a Country Boy Belongs [add]
04. Asking Too Much of You [add]
05. You Don't Live Forever [add]
06. Bob Away My Blues [add]
07. Too Stubborn [add]
08. Walkin' and Talkin' [add]
09. Every Day I Have the Blues [add]
10. I Like Good Music [add]

Keeping the Love Alive (1998) 01. Can't You See [add]
02. Heard It in a Love Song [add]
03. Dancin' Shoes [add]
04. Dangerous Road [add]
05. Hangin' Out in Smoky Places [add]
06. Keeping the Love Alive [add]
07. Once You Get the Feel of It [add]
08. Still Holdin' On [*] [add]
09. The Same Old Moon [add]
10. Why Didn't I Think of That [add]

Face Down in the Blues (1998) 01. Face Down in the Blues [add]
02. Love I Gave to You [add]
03. Mean Miss Sweetie [add]
04. Ain't No Justice [add]
05. Face the Music [add]
06. Like Good Music [add]
07. Long Goodbye [add]
08. Ain't Nobody's Fool [add]
09. Ways of a Woman [add]
10. Ramblin' [add]
11. Southern Belle [add]
12. Driftin' Blues [add]

Gospel (1999) 01. Heart and Soul [add]
02. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad [add]
03. Eye Is on the Sparrow [add]
04. Give Up [add]
05. Momma Don't Cry Anymore [add]
06. Singing With the Saints [add]
07. Though My Eyes Are Blind, My Heart Can See [add]
08. Only Believe [add]
09. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
10. He's Always There [add]
11. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
12. Beauty of Life [add]

Stompin' Room Only [live] (2003) 01. Long Hard Ride [add]
02. This Ol' Cowboy [add]
03. Fire on the Mountain [add]
04. Searchin' for a Rainbow [add]
05. Take the Highway [add]
06. Can't You See? [add]
07. Blue Ridge Mountain Sky [add]
08. The Thrill Is Gone [add]
09. Ramblin' [add]
10. 24 Hours at a Time [add]
11. Hillbilly Band [add]

Beyond the Horizon (2004) 01. Ride of Your Life [add]
02. Give It All You've Got [add]
03. Texas on My Mind [add]
04. Beyond the Horizon [add]
05. Into Your Eyes [add]
06. King of the Delta Blues [add]
07. Set You Free [add]
08. The Rain [add]
09. Angel (With a Honky Tonk Heart) [add]
10. Midnight Promises [add]
11. Never Find Another You [add]
12. Down This Road Before, Pt. 1 [add]

Heard It in a Love Song (2004) 01. Heard It in a Love Song [add]
02. Can't You See [add]
03. Searchin' for a Rainbow [add]
04. Ramblin' [add]
05. 24 Hours at a Time [add]
06. Windy City Blues [add]
07. My Jesus Told Me So [add]
08. Walkin' and Talkin' [add]
09. See You Later, I'm Gone [add]
10. Losing You [add]
11. Hillbilly Band [add]
12. Take the Highway [add]

Carolina Christmas (2005) 01. White Christmas [add]
02. Christmas in Carolina [add]
03. I'll Be Home for Christmas [add]
04. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [add]
05. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! [add]
06. Silent Night [add]
07. Snowfall in Georgia [add]
08. My Christmas in Custody [add]
09. Jingle Bells [add]
10. Merry Christmas Baby [add]
11. Leave the Christmas Lights On [add]
12. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas [add]

The Next Adventure (2007) 01. The Guitar Playing Man [add]
02. Come Runnin' Like a Friend [add]
03. Travelin' Man [add]
04. I Love You That Way [add]
05. Cold Steel [add]
06. Why Am I Crying? [add]
07. Down the Road Before II [add]
08. A Sad Cowboy Song [add]
09. Crossroad [add]
10. Jesus Never Had a Motorcycle [add]

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