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Centro-Matic lyrics
Genre: Rock
Redo the Stacks (1996) 01. The Pilot's on the Wall [add]
02. Parade of Choosers [add]
03. Terrified Anyway [add]
04. Post-It Notes from the State Hospital [add]
05. Fidgeting Wildly [add]
06. The Cannon-Ball Shot [add]
07. Part of This Accident [add]
08. Am I the Manager or Am I Not? [add]
09. Cannot Compete [add]
10. Are You Ready for the Shutdown? [add]
11. Don't Smash the Qualifying Man [add]
12. Hoist Up the Popular Ones [add]
13. Starfighter #1479 [add]
14. Bitter (Did You Notice That?) [add]
15. Rock and Roll Eyes [add]
16. If I Had a Dartgun [add]
17. Tied to the Trailer [add]
18. My Supermodel Girlfriend Gone Awol [add]
19. You're Like Everyone [add]
20. Take the Original Frame [add]
21. Capture the Aimless Boy [add]
22. Mandatory on the Attack [add]

Line Connection Aim (1998) 01. The Injury Specialist [add]
02. Nothing Could Be Better [add]
03. Huge in Every City [add]
04. Sure Grip Maximum [add]
05. The Massacre Went Well [add]
06. Most Everyone Will Find [add]
07. If We Had Our Say [add]
08. They Tell Us That They're Loaded Out [add]
09. The Little Guitars [add]
10. Line Connection Aim [add]
11. Say Something (95 Frowns) [add]

Navigational (1999) 01. Nevermind the Sounds [add]
02. All Hail the Label Scouts [add]
03. Ruin This With Style [add]
04. With Respect to Alcohol [add]
05. Ordinary Days [add]
06. This Vicious Crime [add]
07. Cross You That Way [add]
08. Ballad of Private Rifle Sound [add]
09. Not Forever Now [add]
10. Numbers One and Three [add]
11. Lasted 'Til Today [add]
12. Hazlitt Takes to Shore [add]
13. Line Connection Aim [add]
14. The Panacea Tonight [add]
15. The Massacre Went Well [add]
16. The Beautiful Ones [add]

The Static Vs. the Strings, Vol.1 (1999) 01. Calling Up the Bastards [add]
02. Who's Telling You Now? [add]
03. The Execution of Some Sixty-Odd Drummers [add]
04. Neighbor. Habits. Downtown. [add]
05. Recaptured the Silent Way [add]
06. Repellant Feed [add]
07. Turning Your Decisions [add]
08. Wrecking This Show [add]
09. D. Boon-Free (A Ninth Grade Crime) [A Ninth Grade Crime] [add]
10. Say Something/95 Frowns [add]
11. Curb Your Turbulence (Rock Show Is Coming) [Rock Show Is Coming] [add]
12. Now That You Have Blown Away the Cards [add]
13. You Might Need This Now/Most Peaceful Yeough [add]
14. Keep the Phoenix in Slow Motion [add]

Love Has Found Me Somehow (2000) 01. Love Has Found Me Somehow [add]
02. Bedhead [add]

South San Gabriel Songs/Music (2000) 01. Ninety Secretaries Down [add]
02. Proud Son of Gaffney [add]
03. To Accompany [add]
04. The Fireworks Treatment [add]
05. With Broken Hands [add]
06. The Ensuing Light of Day [add]
07. One-Hundred Thousand Bridesmaids [add]
08. Glacial Slurs [add]
09. Innocence Kindly Waits [add]
10. Destroyer [add]

All the Falsest Hearts Can Try (2000) 01. Cool That You Showed Us How [add]
02. Blisters May Come [add]
03. Call the Legion in Tonight [add]
04. In the Strategy Room [add]
05. Huge in Every City [add]
06. Saving a Free Seat [add]
07. Save Us, Tothero [add]
08. Most Everyone Will Find [add]
09. Gas Blowin' Out of Our Eyes [add]
10. Hercules Now! [add]
11. Magic Cyclops [add]
12. Would Go Over [add]
13. Members of the Show Them How It's Done [add]
14. Aerial Spins/Nautical Wilderness [add]

Distance and Clime (2001) 01. The Connection's Not So Civilized [add]
02. Fountains of Fire [add]
03. Scrap the New Rails [add]
04. To Unleash the Horses Now [add]
05. Tundra, Pt. 7 [add]
06. The Given Geography [add]
07. Truth Flies Out [add]
08. Janitorial on Channel Fail [add]
09. On the Sagtikos [add]
10. Actuator's Great [add]
11. Tonight Is Not It [add]
12. Decorated Equals [add]
13. Patiently Standing [add]
14. Upton to Riverhead to Mastic [add]
15. Call Down the Systems and the Ranks [add]

Love You Just the Same (2003) 01. The Mighty Midshipman [add]
02. Flashes and Cables [add]
03. Argonne Limit Co. [add]
04. Biology Tricks [add]
05. Strahan Has Corralled the Freaks [add]
06. All the Lightning Rods [add]
07. Reset Anytime [add]
08. Picking Up Too Fast [add]
09. Spiraling Sideways [add]
10. Supercar [add]
11. Silver Plate Complaints [add]
12. Breathe Deep Not Loud [add]
13. Without You [add]

Fort Recovery (2006) 01. Covered Up in Mines [add]
02. Calling Thermatico [add]
03. Patience for the Ride [add]
04. I See Through You [add]
05. In Such Crooked Time [add]
06. For New Starts [add]
07. The Fugitives Have Won [add]
08. Monument Sails [add]
09. Triggers and Trash Heaps [add]
10. Nothin' I Ever Seen [add]
11. Take the Maps and Run [add]
12. Take a Rake [add]

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